Deadline: 4 March 2021
Open to: students from Poland and CEE Region
Benefits: monetary awards


Responsible investing is referred to as a “megatrend” in the financial world. Enterprises increasingly build their value on the basis of the idea of the ESG (environmental, social and governance) indicators. Furthermore, investment companies are more and more willing to use ESG scores to manage portfolios. The effective combination of quantitative methods and non-financial (alternative) data allows for the verification of the suitability of ESG criteria in the investment process.

The AI IN ESG INVESTING is the first competition of this kind in Europe. The participants have to form teams, and the teams’ task is both to create an ESG index based on financial, non-financial and alternative data and to evaluate the effectiveness of using ESG criteria in the investment process.

1. The data and indicator that are the result of the project relate to the ESG components: environment, social responsibility and corporate governance
2. The uniqueness of the data sets and the proposed approach to the analyses used in the task will be particularly important in the evaluation process
3. The solution should be adapted to the analytical process.


The competition is dedicated to students from Poland and CEE Region (faculties: economics, finance and accounting, quantitative methods, management). Each team consists of 2 to 4 people. The competition is conducted in English.


The best three teams will be awarded:
1. The winning team receives 4000 EUR and will be invited to join a dedicated webinar as panelists. In addition, our competition partners are going to offer internships for team members. The best task solution will be awarded with a short publication on Internet.
2. The second place team receives 2000 EUR + an internship offer by our partners
3. The third place team receives 1000 EUR + an internship offer by our partners


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