How Technology and the Internet are affecting our everyday life?

Technology is like a shape shifter. It is constantly evolving and changing in new forms. One day it could be a new i-phone and the next day it could be a new app. Whatever the forms it takes, it is a necessary and important part of our daily life. Almost, every individual nowadays uses technology as a way to connect and communicate with the rest of the world. Some people will call it an addiction, and some an important necessity. But, no matter how any of us perceive the concept of technology and the use of it, the influence that technology has on all of us is inevitable.

So, how exactly is technology and the internet affecting our overall society?

Creating new methods for communication

The continuous developments of technological products as well as the increased internet speed have contributed to adopt more innovative methods or tools for communication. They are all on our disposal and it is easy and practical for everyone who has an access to the internet. However the ”problem” is that the choice of using one single method for communication is hard, when there is a ”pool” of many different channels for communications.

Increasing overall global knowledge

Technology’s rapid development along with strengthening the internet connection has offered many online resources for increasing the knowledge in different areas. This is for each individual who has the desire and time to learn and invest in his/her personal knowledge. With an easy access to the internet, we can research, read and learn on a certain topic that we are interested in. This is a great opportunity for upgrading our professional portfolio, theoretical knowledge or just satisfying our ”thirst” for knowledge.

Change mindset

Technology innovation can contribute in encouraging individuals to think and behave in new, creative ways. Depending on the given task to accomplish, many of us can already find a multiple combination of creative solutions to solve a certain problem or task. This is actually how a person mindset is changed and shifted to accept more innovative approach to the assignment, task or problem.

Concluding Thoughts

Witnessing the positive and productive influence of technology can be encouraging for each of us. Besides the above-mentioned things, where technology is continuously ‘building’ new ways for communication, shifting people’s mindset and expanding human knowledge, we have to bear in mind that there are also many disadvantages from technology usage. Given the massive impact that technology has on humankind as a race, including human consciousness and awareness, as individuals, all we can do is try minimizing the negative ‘side-effect’ of our own technology dose and instead increase our own productive way of using technology.


This article is written by: 
Ljupka Janevska – FB profile 

Photo: Unsplash.