How to Improve Your Writing Skills in Three Easy Steps?

Excellent writing skills help you excel in university as well as in your career. At college, you need to write a lot of essays, assignments, dissertation, etc. to score well. Many students are expert in their subjects. However, they face difficulties in writing their college assignments. In fact, a lot of students even hire experts to write their resume and curriculum vitae (CV). Remember that scoring well at university or getting a good job doesn’t guarantee a successful career. You need to acquire new skills continuously to take your career to the next level. Writing is a skill which will help you forever in life. Thus, you must act now to improve your writing skills.

Here are three simple steps to improve your writing skills significantly:

Express Yourself Freely

Forget grammar and the ideal content you should write to make a proper assignment or an article. Just write anything that comes to your mind. Get started and write on almost any topic. If you don’t have an idea, then write that you are not getting any ideas and what could be the reason for the same. It will open up your mind and break the inertia that most writers face in the initial stages of their writing journey. You will also realize that you have a better writing skill than you think.

Practice on a Daily Basis

Writing is like other skills that become better with practice. You can’t learn to drive a car perfectly just by learning the driving rules and gear shifting. You need to practice it on the road under different traffic conditions to master it. Similarly, you can’t learn to write until you write a few hundred words on a daily basis. Thus, pick up any topic under the sun and start writing. Give yourself a target in terms of the number of words and spare some on a daily basis to achieve that goal.

Use Technology

Technology can be of great help for newbies as well as experienced writers. For instance, you can use Grammarly to proofread content. With this app, you will not only catch punctuation and grammatical errors, but you can also find better words, sentence restructuring ideas to make the content more compelling. With time you will learn proper usage of prepositions and other tricks that make your content better.

Use Hemingway app to make your content short, crisp and bold. It is a free tool that suggests alternative words and writing style to make your content direct and easy to read. Initially, you might take some time to adapt to this app. However, after working on a few essays or articles, you will see a dramatic improvement in your content writing skills.

Use the following tips to make your content compelling:

– Use active voice as much as possible. Minimize the usage of passive voice.
– Don’t use a word until it is necessary
– Write short sentences
– Don’t mix two ideas in one sentence
– Read More – Read many books which may not be directly related to your area of study

If you don’t know how to start writing your essay, then use sites like Up work and Writers Per Hour to hire an expert writer and get a layout of the topic or assignment. You can also hire guides and editors who will guide you on how to get started and also proofread your content at affordable rates. Ask them for a sample and use these examples to structure your assignment. Divide the assignment into various chapters or sub-topic and complete each sub-topic at a time.

If you are willing to improve your writing style, then practice it continuously. Use tools and don’t hesitate to take help of experts when needed. For checking your grammar you can use the World’s Best Grammar Checker. The tips mentioned above will help you move in the right direction. However, you need to work consistently to improve your writing style. Remember that it is a never-ending process and therefore, you should try to achieve excellence rather perfection in your writing style.

Author: Adela Belin is a Private Educator and a Career Coach. She has helped many professionals in achieving their next career break. She loves to connect with people and explore new ideas. Connect her on social media Facebook, Twitter, G+

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