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Career Options in Sport Management – University of New York in Prague

Behind every sports tournament and championship, whether local or worldwide, you will find skilled management professionals hard at work. Athletes are the stars and the face of sports organizations, but it is the managers behind the scenes who keep sports running as a viable business. Most people think about the sports industry in terms of the games, lives, and careers of professional athletes, but just as in any other enterprise, the business and administrative aspects of the industry play a significant role, including sales, marketing, sponsorship, branding, operations, and economics.

Get a job in your favorite industry with a Sports Management concentration from the University of New York in Prague. 

Students who want to study Sports Management at university must understand that they cannot break into this industry merely on the strength of having played sports in high school.  Today’s sporting world is highly commercial, and this creates a strong demand for educated individuals to fill administration positions. The European Bachelor in Business Administration – Concentration in Sports Management from UNYP teaches sports-specific management skills through a variety of business-focused courses. Students then complete their degree with a thesis in this niche field.

But what career options do you have with a Sports Management degree? To give one example, sports marketing professionals must draw on their understanding of marketing to project a suitable image for fans and consumers. They are also responsible for coordinating external communications, facilitating the bond between the fans and the team, or a particular athlete. You could build a career in customer service, sales, or public relations; these are vital roles that translate readily into senior sports management. Hosting and promoting sports events, writing press releases for athletes – these are all tasks that demand a specialized set of skills.

General Manager

This role comes with many responsibilities, including overseeing budgets, hiring head coaches and players, representing the team during press conferences.

Sports Agent

This profession requires a profound knowledge of sports law, as the sports agent must handle all legal and corporate responsibilities of the athlete being represented. A sports agent can best be thought of as a professional advisor who negotiates deals with companies and brands to get the best deal for the client.

Fitness Manager

Fitness managers are fitness gurus. They think through and organize fitness activities, oversee the logistics of these activities, and even design unique wellness programs for professional athletes.

Event Coordinator

Are you a highly-organized and dynamic person? These qualities are essential for the role of sports event coordinator, to effectively promote, execute, and broadcast a sporting event. Event coordinators must liaise constantly with the venue, fan clubs and management in order to create a safe and engaging environment. They also take care of team accommodations and provide logistics before, on and after the big day.

Sports marketing manager 

The main focus of any sports marketing manager is to create a compelling image of their organization in order to inform and inspire the fans. Sports marketing managers must be experts in brand development and promotion to strengthen the voice of the organization through digital and traditional media.