Internship Programme of the German Bussines

Deadline: 11 November 2016
Open to: young graduates and students from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia
Scholarship: the companies cover the cost of accommodation and health insurance for the interns or pay a monthly allowance


The Internship Programme offers young people the unique opportunity of gathering practical experience in companies in Germany and of applying the theoretical knowledge acquired during their university courses in practice within the framework of an internship. Thus, they enrich their studies with practical knowledge, are able to find their professional bearings better, extend their qualifications and set milestones for their career. Already before the start of the internship, various networking activities are organised between the current interns and alumni of the program, which are maintained continuously also after the internship is completed.  This is how a cross-sectoral regional network of young, highly qualified professionals has been created over the past years that contributes to an increased regional economic cooperation.

Upon the return of the interns to their home countries, the experience gathered is to be used to further the economic development of their home countries and to strengthen the economic cooperation between Germany and the region. In this way, know-how from Germany is transferred to these countries. At the same time, the Programme makes a positive contribution towards the image of Germany held in these countries.

In parallel to this economic development of the region, cooperation among the countries is to be strengthened. The Programme, reaching across the borders, contributes to creating a network of young, cosmopolitan professionals that will continue to promote regional cooperation, contributing to a stable development within the region.


  • Young graduates and students from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia;
  • Bachelor students: transcript of records of bachelor studies;
  • Master students: transcript of records of master studies AND transcript of records of bachelor studies;
  • PhD students: transcript of records of PhD studies AND transcript of records of master studies;


Scholarship holders have a possibility to attend appropriate language course in order to improve their command of German language, whose costs are also covered by the Programme.

There is no standardised internship in Germany. The tasks during the internship are just as varied as the companies are different. However, all interns may expect to be integrated into teams and to be given more and more independent assignments.

How to apply?

Before you fill in the online application, you should prepare the following documents:

  • letter of motivation (1-2 pages in German or English) as one PDF file;
  • curriculum vitae (in German or English) as one PDF file;
  • portrait photo (in a common graphics format, e.g. JPG), as a separate document;
  • A scanned transcript of records (overview of the courses and marks, issued by your faculty) as one PDF file;
  • Translation of transcript of records (German or English translation, translated by you, not necessarily by an official interpreter) as one PDF file;
  • 2 recommendation letters (from professors, supervisors or other relevant referees) as one PDF file;
  • Optional: other scanned documents available, combined as one PDF file (e.g. language certificates for German or English, references, diplomas).

You may upload the documents PDF or JPG formats. The documents need not be zipped.

For more information please visit the official web page.

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