Egypt Entrepreneurs: Amira Azzouz and Her Fustany

Fashion is one of the industries that have been integrated with IT (Information Technology) field in order to introduce different fashion trends and lifestyle portals for Arab women. One of the leading portals that have been running for nine years is called Fustany (meaning my dress). This portal has changed and shaped the community not only in Egypt but in other Arabian countries as well. It is mostly providing up-to-date news about fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, weddings and arts for Arab women.

Amira Azzouz, Fustany’s founder, earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Engineering from the German University in Cairo (GUC). She launched Fustany when she was a student at GUC. Her main vision was to inspire Arab women to live a life full of creativity by covering daily topics related to the fashion industry in general.

“I was eager to cover as many important topics as I can that matter to Arab women. It is not only about fashion, but I also for other topics such as health and relationships” says Amira.

Fustany - Amira Azzouz

Fustany has 2.5 million followers per mouth who are actively checking all Fustany’s news and updates. They are offering all their topics completely free to all their audience. Amira with her team developed a strategy for a revenue model that is based on one of their strength, which is the number of active followers. Companies are reaching them to promote their new healthy beauty & skin products. Recently, they started building partnerships with online stores that are based on commissions and subscriptions.

“We are trying everything possible to generate revenue to support our vision”, says Amira.

Amira feels the responsibility toward advocating about Arab women issues. With her team, she started several campaigns that raise the awareness about some of the major issues that Arab women are facing nowadays, violence against women and breast cancer for example. They just added business trainings to their services, targeting women entrepreneurs who run their own businesses. They deliver trainings in varieties of topics like Digital Marketing, how to run a business effectively and how to properly use online tools to expand and grow your business.

“I am delivering all these trainings by myself. I really care about educating women and how they can be financially independent by running and growing their businesses”, says Amira.

Amira has been invited to many international and local conferences and events to speak about her success story and how she managed to grow her company from only one person to twelve full-time employees who share the same vision. Finally, she was invited to join a Global Shaper community which is a network led by young leaders who are highly motivated and have great potential for future leadership roles in their societies, supported by the World Economic Forum.

Contributed by: Mostafa Shahat

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