“My e-Participation Story” Competition: Online Participation in Policy-making

Deadline: 30 June 2015
Open to: citizens from all over  Europe older than 16
Prizes: fully covered trip to Brussels in December 2015


E-Participation is ICT-enabled citizens’ participation in policies and policy-making. Many citizens consider that the EU is something that happens only in Brussels, far away from them and their daily lives. But in fact, the European institutions have created a number of online tools where each and every one of us can take part in the development of EU policies and benefit from our rights as European citizens. E-UROPa opens online competition “My e-Participation Story”, in which citizens older than 16 (recommended minimum age) from all over Europe can submit their story online. The story can be either in written format (short essay style, up to 500 words) or a video of up to 3 minutes (can be anything from an interview-style recording of telling your experience to filming the e-Participation activity). It needs to be clearly related to e-Participation and to using an e-Participation tool to solve a problem or achieve desired results in any topic. It has to be told in an interesting and engaging way. Additional points would be given for stories about e-Participation tools at EU level (see Tools). The stories should be submitted in free format and cover at least the following points:

  • Why? What was your motivation?
  • Which e-Participation tool did you use?
  • Was it an individual issue or a common problem? How many people were involved/influenced?
  • What was the result? Was the impact/benefit of the action individual or wider?
  • Was it your first such experience?


Any EU citizen and citizens from wider Europe older than 16 (recommended minimum age) can participate in the competition.


All entries will be evaluated against the selection criteria and 12 winners will be selected and invited to share their experience with policy-makers in Brussels in December 2015. All expenses for the trip to Brussels will be covered.

How to apply?

The deadline for application is 30 June 2015. To apply please fill the online application form HERE. The application form is also available in national languages HERE.

For more information please check the official website.

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