Read My Voice – International Photo Campaign

Open to: everyone
Benefits: people reconnecting with themselves, then appreciating and respecting each other

Global awareness through photo-statements. Voice yourself.

Read My Voice is an international photo campaign, creating powerful visual stories to drive global impact. This campaign believes in and amplifies the profound and transformative power of the visual imagery to provoke, question, and inspire action.

In an authentic format, the pictures contain statements of people from all over the world celebrating the amazing and diverse life on this planet, as well as heightening the world’s awareness of the most pressing issues, from traffic and water to women issues.

With Read My Voice, the organizers hope that people from around the world, who are anyhow connected to our pictures and platform, learn that our world is amazing, all around us, and much more real, vital and interesting than what any of us can see on an electronic screen. When people are exposed to a wider view of the world around them, their interaction with that world changes, typically for the better.

Read my voice wants people reconnecting with themselves, then appreciating and respecting each other. And it’s not only that, it’s fun see what hangs around every corner across this lovely planet. It really is.

Topics of the Read my Voice photo campaign

Children Dreams

What is your biggest dream? If you want to become a doctor, or protect the rivers in your country, or just climb the Chinese Great Wall – share your statement.

Message to my future me

What would you like to be reminded in 10 years from now? Share a statement with the message to your future self that you never want to forget.

Women Statements

How do you feel as a woman? Women in the 21st century take leadership in nearly every fragment of society – but not everywhere in the world. In many parts of the planet, women get to deal with oppression only in their daily life. Leave your statement as a woman (and/or to women)!

Message to our leaders

If you have a chance to meet your country’s or some of the world’s most influential leaders, what would you say to them? Leave your message of change.

You can check out all the featured topics here.

How to Participate?

You can join and contribute for the campaign by registering here. Once registered, you will be able to upload your own Read my Voice picture to the Photo Wall here. Voice yourself!

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