Scheduling My Free Time During COVID – 19 Pandemic

The period behind us was a new experience for all of us and will probably be in the coming period given the consequences of this situation.

At the moment, the situation with the virus is stabilizing somewhere, and somewhere it is gaining momentum, but in almost all countries people are returning to their jobs regularly, restaurants are working and the borders are gradually opening up.

For me, this was a very touching experience. During the working week in the period of COVID – 19, however, I did not have much free time because I worked remotely all the time. While I was working at home, my new office was different from the one at work and it had its advantages and disadvantages compared to the one at work. I am currently working full time and performing my office tasks, even there are still people working from home.

To use my free time in the best way, I decided to organize and schedule my activities. The free time we had and some are still having now definitely helps us to realize some of our skills that have been hidden for a long time. I discovered my love for art and drawing and create a few drawings using a pencil drawing technique. This was something new, but also an interesting hobby for me in the future.

Knowing as many languages as possible increases our chances of success and finding a job. During the quarantine, I devoted myself to learning Portuguese by using online applications, programs, and, the website Portuguese Lab. I enjoyed every lesson and will continue to study other languages in the next period.

I used some of my free time to read a good book while enjoying my morning coffee. This is an activity or which I had almost no time before, given the daily responsibilities I had. I was reading books from different genres and famous classics that I had bought a long time ago.

Something I enjoyed the most, was preparing and especially tasting great dishes and desserts. I learned a lot of new recipes and improved my cooking skills. Now I spend more time in the kitchen than before.

To stay in good shape,  I also had to include daily exercise in my schedule. I started with the exercises of the Plank Workout application that I am still practicing, for which I had made a monthly exercise plan. Besides, during the period when I could leave the house, I practiced running, walking often, and exploring nature.

These few months have shown us how important it is to dedicate time for the loved ones, to be united, and to deal with the challenges of life together.

Also, this was an experience that helped us all to get to know each other better and to learn to dedicate time to ourselves and our passions. And the most important, we should continue doing this even after this pandemic, when all this is over.

Author: Viktorija Mitevska, freelance poet and columnist

Editor: Sanja Cvetkovikj