ITC and Human Rights Grant for Access Innovation

Deadline: August 31,  2012
Open to: All Countries
Grant: $20,000 each


The Access Innovation Prize is a new initiative that will award 5 lots to individuals, organizations or networks that have the best actionable ideas of how to use information technology to promote and enable human rights or deliver a social good outcome. There are five categories:

  • Blackout Resilience
  • Making Crypto Easy
  • The Bounty
  • Golden Jellybean
  • Access Facebook Award


They are looking for communication technology initiatives from across the world, in all languages and addressing the issues that are important to you and your community. The Access Innovation Prize is designed to discover and reward ideas that demonstrate unique promise, opportunity and possibility. Applicant can submit a near to complete project, improve an existing tool or create something totally new.


The Access Innovation Grant offers 5 lots of US$20,000 to individuals, organizations or networks that have the best actionable ideas. A total of $100,000 will be granted in 2012. The winners will be awarded $20,000 each and acknowledged publicly by as Access Innovation Prize 2012 winners. There will also be opportunities for ongoing collaboration and integration with Access.


Applications are relatively simple.
Applicants are asked to complete the following 6 questions:

  • What is your idea and why is it needed: Who will make use of it?
  • What is the technology? We’re interested in code, bits and platforms.
  • How are you making it happen: Who are you working with?
  • How will you keep it going: How will you evaluate it and keep the project going?
  • What are the risks: Have you done your due diligence?
  • What is your track record: What you have done before and how advanced is the idea?

You can find online or PDF Application Form bellow and send it to Individuals, organizations and networks can apply. Any intellectual property of the winner will remain his or her property.
The deadline is 31 August, 2012.

 The Official Website

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