Conference, “Rhodes Youth Forum 2012”

Deadline: July 15th 2012
Open to: Talented young social project coordinators, young intellectuals, researchers and experts in the relevant fields.
Venue: September 28th to October 1st 2012, the Rhodes Island.
Costs: Conference fee for the participants is 20 Euros.


From September 28th to October 1st, 2012 the Rhodes Island will host the Youth Forum for the third time. Тhis event with more than 100 young participants interested in active participation in public life, concerned about the current challenges to humanity will focus to the problems which are threatening the prosperity of the present civilization and to the coming generations. They are:

  • Education. Educational system requires new approaches able to preserve and multiply human capital which is one of the key resources for development of the present and future society.
  • Employment barriers. It is necessary to elaborate mechanisms for the effective integration of the youth into the labour market. We are seeking ways for full integration of the young people in life and the most important international projects.
  • Loss of traditional values, especially the family ones, together with spirituality and heritage of the past generations.
  • Obstacles which youth faces on their way to active participation in public life. We need effective mechanisms of youth participation. Young people need to assume responsibility for their future, for their parents, friends, intimate community, country and civilization. Obstacles on the way of youth formation as self-sufficient and independent social force are preventing from successful social development.
  • Obstacle in the intercultural communication. Developed infrastructure and communication technologies have made this world small. We are standing on the stage of global thinking formation and new type intellect, which is not limited by the stereotypes of the country or culture.
  • Hurdles in the intertemporal interaction and dealing with future. Modern fast changing world with its complexity requires new approaches in dealing with future. Taking actions today we should realize how it corresponds to what will happen in 5, 10 or 20 years. This is the way to develop modern and competitive thinking.


International Youth Time Movement unites young leaders tended to proactive behavior (not just in word but in deed). Therefore development and presentation of the project is the key condition for participation. Young leaders will get the opportunity for support from the Rhodes Youth Forum partners. Youth Time Intellectual Сlub will provide most viable projects with professional and expert consulting.

Fields for projects:

  • Infrastructure (as formation of new possibilities and improving quality of life)
  • Intercultural social projects
  • Education, social, volunteering initiatives
  • Media projects


1. Submit your CV, application form and brief of the project (with video or presentation) before July, 15th 2012 to  Detailed description of the project should be sent before August, 1st 2012.

2. Results of the selection process is expected to be published before August, 15th 2012. Most prominent and interesting projects will be published on the official website. Participants will be able to join the work team of one of the projects. Throughout the selection process, personal and professional qualities will be taken into consideration.

3. Presentation of your project on the 3rd Rhodes Youth Forum which will take place on the Rhodes island (Greece) from September 28th to October 1st.

Set of documents for candidacies (can be found on the official website):

  1. Application form (with motivation letter included)
  2. CV or resume
  3. Project brief form
  4. Visa form

Full set of documents should be sent to before July,15th 2012. The subject of your letter should be as following: Application for the RYF 2012_Surname_Name. All the attached documents should be named the same way, e.g. CV_Surname_name.

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