Model European Union Conference, Tirana

Deadline: 20th September
Open to: Students from all over the Europe within the age range 17 – 25
Venue: Tirana, Albania, 23 – 27 September

Model of the European Union – Tirana MEU Tirana 2012 is directed at students from all over Europe. Its main goal is to facilitate for the participants the chance to familiarize themselves with the mechanisms that govern the functioning of the main structures of the European Union, the rules guiding the creation of legislature, the simulation of conference and negotiation techniques as well as the opportunity to test themselves in the roles of speakers and negotiators. The aim of MEU-Tirana 2012 is the simulation of the EU’s decision-making process, primarily centered on the ordinary legislative procedure between the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

Objectives of training

During each day the participants will come up with resolutions concerning related topics of discussion. Furthermore the participants will have the opportunity to learn about the atmosphere and working environment of the EU simulating positions/ seats in the European democratic process. Also, during the conference, the participants will play the roles of Ministers of the EU member states in the Council of Ministers, Members of the European Parliament (MEP), lobbyists, and journalists.
Furthermore, during the working sessions new young politicians will be given the opportunity to utilize general knowledge practical skills, debating talents that most of them learned from university studies and make use of their expertise by sharing it with their colleagues and conterparts
MEU-Tirana 2012 depicts active participation of youth as the foundation of civic societies. Through the involvement of youth in the decision making process in the European Union the project supports the stable growth and development of its member states, as well as the European Union itself, it contributes to the broadening of integration. It influences the activation of youths in their environment, promotes tolerance and respect for other cultures.
This event enables its participants to acquire and develop “soft competences” including the ability of presentation, voicing ones opinion, leadership and persuasive skills, which are highly sought after by employers; in other words, it can help better meet the requirements of the modern job market, too.


The participation fee is 65 EUR per applicant. Fee is collected to cover running costs of the organization MEU Organizers undertake responsibilities to cover accommodation for participants, meals, coffee breaks, local transport, session materials, participation certificates etc.

Application process

Applications can be made HERE

Official website


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