Curriculum Support Program

Deadline: open call
Open to: currently teaches at a local academic institution (undergraduate or graduate level) outside the United States

International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) has launched a special curriculum support program to promote development of seminars on civil resistance in international academic institutions, preferably in recently established democracies and developing countries.

ICNC is looking for scholars interested in studying, researching and teaching civil resistance, its tactical effects and strategic impact on the problems it strives to address, and its long-term influence on rights, institutions, culture and civil society.

The programme includes:
* Travel and lodging expenses for instructors to attend an academic training workshop prior to teaching a seminar on civil resistance;
* Stipends for instructor participation in academic events related to studies of civil resistance (conferences, workshops and other academic forums), in-country or abroad, and  visits to other academic institutions in the region to deliver lectures on civil resistance;
* Support for curriculum development, including syllabus design, and teaching methods based on free access to books, articles, films, and other materials.

Requirements for applicant:
* currently teaches at a local academic institution (undergraduate or graduate level) outside the United States;
* is able to plan and teach, at least two times during a two-year period, a credited or graded seminar on civil resistance in a recognized academic institution either in the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters (minimum 30 teaching hours per course);
* speaks English (seminars can be taught in English or in a local language; the syllabus, including course evaluation forms will need to be prepared in both languages);
* is interested in the research and teaching of civil resistance.

Application procedure
All interested applicants should submit following documents:
1. Curriculum Vitae;
2. Statement of Purpose including information on interest, research or teaching experience relevant to broadly defined subjects of civic engagement, social mobilization, civil resistance and nonviolent action; plus at which academic institution/department the seminar will be offered and in which semester; how many credits will be awarded if any; how many participants are expected to enroll; evaluation methods.

The documents need to be send to Dr. Maciej Bartkowski, the ICNC Senior Director for Research and Education at:

With any further queries contact:

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