RISE Global Winners Program for Lifetime Opportunities

Deadline: 25 January 2023
Open to: Teens between the ages of 15 and 17 as of July 1, 2023 (born on or between July 2, 2005 and July 1, 2008)
Benefits: Residential Summit, programming & education, Global Winner network, higher education scholarships, and a  technology package


Rise is a program that finds brilliant people who need opportunity and supports them for life as they work to serve others. The program starts at ages 15–17 and offers a lifetime of benefits including scholarships, mentorship, access to career development opportunities, funding, and more as Global Winners work toward solving humanity’s most pressing problems.

Each year, Rise invites 15-17 year olds from around the world to participate in the Rise Challenge. Unlike many traditional applications, Rise uses videos, projects, and group interviews so applicants have multiple opportunities to showcase their potential. For applicants without access to a video recording device, Rise offers the option of submitting text responses. For applicants without access to technology, Rise offers an alternative low-tech pathway through paper applications.

The Rise Challenge encourages applicants to create an individual project that demonstrates their talents and benefits their communities, and peer review other applicants’ projects, among other activities.


  • The Challenge is open to people between 15 and 17 years old as of 1 July 2023 00:01 Pacific Daylight Time (”PDT”) meaning they were born on or between 2 July 2005 and 1 July 2008. Applicants who are minors must have the permission of their parent/legal guardian to participate in the Challenge. Applicants will be required at various stages to provide verification of eligibility, age, identity, and parent/legal guardian permission (if applicable).
  • Applicants must have sufficient proficiency in English to read and understand these Rules and other important documents such as the Privacy Notice and consent forms, and to conduct themselves throughout the selection process and program in English, including to converse with others in English.


Benefits for Rise Global Winners may take many shapes. The program is personalized and flexible, tailored to Global Winners’ needs. Rise aims to provide Global Winners with individualized support to empower them to achieve their goals while they work to serve others.

  • Residential Summit: A mandatory, fully-funded residential summit with other members of the Rise Global Winner cohort—to be held in a rotating location globally for each new cohort. Attendance is required to receive Global Winner status and receive all other benefits.
  • Programming: Access to specialized programs, courses, and other opportunities through Rise partners. While specific programming has not been finalized and is subject to change, examples of past programming offered have included a Human Centered Design course. Online courses may be delivered on a specially designed learning platform and may be offered by various third-party providers.
  • Global Winner Network: Access to a network of other Global Winners across cohorts to connect on common interests, make service commitments, launch enterprises, attend events, and collaborate together.
  • Higher Education Scholarships: A higher education scholarship, including tuition and a living stipend, subject to Rise’s scholarship terms.
  • Technology: A technology package, such as a laptop or tablet, as to be determined, immediately before or during the first semester/term of post-secondary education.
  • Other Benefits or Support: Rise may offer different or additional benefits or support depending on applicants’ circumstances or Rise’s, or other factors.  For instance, Rise may in the future offer mentorship and career services whereby Global Winners would be paired with mentors to provide personal, academic, or professional guidance and career services for internships and jobs. Any different or additional benefits or support will be formally announced once finalized and confirmed.

In addition, all Rise Global Winners will have the opportunity to apply for the following benefits over the course of the program:

  • Partner Network: Opportunity to be matched to programs, secondary school scholarships, internships, and other benefits from partners who are part of the Rise network.
  • Funding Opportunities: Opportunity to apply for funding to experiment with innovative ideas to address major problems in local communities or around the world—ranging from seed money to start a social enterprise, to a grant for a non-profit. Funds will be designated for these purposes in a total pooled amount of at least $5 million per year of the program.
  • Education Support: Opportunity to apply for scholarship funds for a graduate degree.

How to Apply?

For more information, please visit the official website.