Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy Grant

Deadline: 1 December 2019
Open to: Ph.D. candidates from any country and any university in the world.
Grant: USD 7,500


The Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy was established in 1997 by Irving Louis Horowitz and Mary E. Curtis as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Its general purpose is to support the advancement of research and understanding in the major fields of the social sciences. Its specific purpose is to provide small grants to aspiring PhD students at the dissertation level to support the research they are undertaking for their project.

The idea for the Foundation emerged from Irving Louis Horowitz’s experience working with doctoral students. He found that many faced financial barriers to completing their research. Dr. Horowitz initially provided assistance to these scholars personally, and later through Transaction Publishers’ Grants-in-Publication Program. After the termination of that program, the foundation was established in 1997. The first grants were issued in 1998.


The foundation supports projects with a social policy application on either a global or local level. Applications are evaluated based on the Trustees’ assessment of criteria such as: feasibility, applicability, originality, methodology, theoretically informed or empirically rich research, and letters of recommendation. No specific weight is given to any one area. Proposals are evaluated based on overall merit of all aspects of the application.

– Applicants must be current Ph.D. (or DrPH) candidates who are working on their dissertation;

– Applicants must not have a Ph.D.; those who do, are ineligible;

– Applicants must have defended their dissertation proposal or had their topic approved by their department;

– Applicants can be from any country and any university in the world. US citizenship or residency is not required.


Grants are based solely on merit. Each is worth a total of USD 7,500; USD 5,000 is awarded initially and USD 2,500 upon completion of the project. For grant recipients to be entitled to their second installment, they must show evidence of one of the following:

– Acceptance and approval of their dissertation;

– Acceptance of an article based on the research by a peer-reviewed journal; or

– Invitation to write and publish a book chapter based on the research.

Grants are non-renewable and recipients have five years from announcement of the award to complete their project and claim their final payment.

How to apply?

Before applying, pay attention to what is required for the process:

– Complete the two-question Eligibility Form

– Complete the Application Round, including:

– Personal Details​ – short answer questions

– Project Overview – a brief snapshot

– Your Project – 750 word description

– Upload Your CV

– 2 Letters of Recommendation – provide contact information

In order to apply, please fill the application form.

For more information, please visit the official web page.