PhD/Postdoc Grants for Study in Luxembourg and Abroad

Deadline: PhD: 22 March 2011; 5 October 2011; Postdoc: 14 September 2011
Open to: holders of a University degree (PhD); of a PhD diploma (Postdoc)
Grant: varies (see below)

The AFR Grant Scheme (Aides à la Formation-Recherche), managed by the National Research Fund Luxembourg (FNR), supports PhD and postdoctoral research training projects in Luxembourg and abroad, up to 4 years for PhDs and up to 2 years for postdocs.

The main objective of the scheme is to improve the general working conditions and career perspectives of researchers, by giving early stage researchers access to work contracts and supplementary training opportunities.

The AFR programme has no thematic limitations and is open to all researchers, regardless of their nationality, desirous to engage into research training in Luxembourg or abroad. In the selection process, the interest of the project in the context of Luxembourg R&D will nevertheless be evaluated.


* Applicants must be holders of a University degree allowing them to enter into doctoral training.

* Applicants must be holders of a PhD diploma. They can apply until up to 8 years after obtaining their PhD.
* The postdoc research training has to be carried out in a different country from where the applicant has been principally working in the 24 months preceding the beginning of the intended postdoctoral funding period (mobility clause).
* Under the AFR scheme, early-stage researchers are eligible for the AFR PhD grant and consecutively for the AFR Postdoc grant (under the condition that they respect a mobility clause).


For AFR beneficiaries with work contracts, the FNR pays a contribution to the annual salary costs of the Host Institution as follows:

max. AFR contribution
(including employers’ charges)     PhD: 37,288 EUR / year   Postdoc: 52,908 EUR / year

supplements paid in case of a
public-private partnership     PhD: 3,599 EUR/year      Postdoc: 4,823 EUR/year

For AFR beneficiaries without work contracts, the FNR pays a fellowship (bourse) to the recipients:

max. AFR contribution           PhD: 18,000 EUR/year     Postdoc: 25,200 EUR/year

supplements paid in case of a
public-private partnership     PhD: 1,200 EUR/year     Postdoc: 1,800 EUR/year

Application Process

PhD: 22 March 2011; 05 October 2011
Postdoc: 14 September 2011

How to apply for AFR funding?
Applicants must  login to the FNR electronic grant submission system in order to gain access to the AFR application form. The application form consists of two main parts:

–  an online form, to be completed by the applicant in collaboration with  the host
institution (see annex 1 for a copy of the online form)
–  a document in .rtf format comprising the project description (to be uploaded as .pdf).

In addition, a number of support documents listed in the online application form need to be
uploaded by the applicant before submission. If the proposal is carried out at one of the main Luxembourg host institutions, the corresponding AFR contact persons should be informed of/involved in the preparation of the  proposal prior to the submission, in addition to the supervisor and scientific contacts.

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