“In Between?” Workshops & Study Visits – European Network Remembrance and Solidarity

Deadline: 7 May 2018
Open to: European citizens aged 18-25 y/o
Venue: 9-19 July 2018, Rijeka, Croatia / Skalica, Slovakia (Slovak-Czech borderland)


The application process for this year’s edition of the In Between? the project is now open. This year the participants will travel to Rijeka in Croatia and to Slovak-Czech borderland.

After 4-day workshops in Warsaw participants will have learned the theoretical basis of interview methodology, digital video-camera operation, photography, digitalization of visual materials, archiving and historical context. Then, they will be divided into two groups of six to travel to border towns and other localities for seven days. During their stay, they will conduct and document interviews with local inhabitants. Recollections, sound and video recordings, photographs, letters as well as scanned documents and other items reflecting the daily life of the communities will constitute a basis for building accounts of their travel that will be shared with historical institutions and local archives.

2018 Edition (9-19 July):
Workshops in Warsaw, Poland (9-12 July)

Study visits (13-19 July):
Rijeka in Croatia
Skalica (Slovak-Czech borderland)


The call is open to all candidates age 18-25 from Europe, including students and freelancers representing various areas of interest that may include history, cultural anthropology, sociology and audiovisual arts, among others. After being selected, they will take part in interdisciplinary workshops on 9-12 July and study visits on 13-19 July 2018.

Factors to be considered in the recruitment process include a candidate’s motivation to participate in the project, openness and readiness to cooperate. Knowledge of English and one of the languages spoken in a selected region is a must.

Read the Rules Governing the Recruitment of Participants.


The organizers shall cover the costs of the participants’ accommodation during the delivery of the project as well as the costs of the participants’ transport from the place of workshop delivery (Warsaw) to the respective regions for which they have been qualified.

The organizers shall cover the costs of the participant’s travel from his/her place of residence (declared by the candidate in the application form) to the place of workshop delivery (Warsaw).

Find more information about the other financial matters under the article 5 in this document.

How to apply?

To apply please fill out the application form available here.
Contact: karolina.dzielak@enrs.eu
For more information please visit the official website.