Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in “History of the Cold War”

Deadline: 1 December 2016
Open to: applicants with a Ph.D. and interested researchers with MSC
Scholarship: monthly award of 2,200 EUR, a monthly allowance of 400 EUR is added for family / children plus other incentives


In spring 2015 the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies (Berliner Kolleg Kalter Krieg) will commence its work. The Center is a joint project of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research, the Institute for Contemporary History Munich – Berlin, the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED-Dictatorship and the Humboldt University of Berlin. It will be a place of international scholarship and academic exchange about the Cold War. It will seek to enrich historical research on this time period by promoting the evolution of relevant issues and theoretical concepts in a dialogue with the academic community and by nurturing new generations of researchers. Also, geographically located at a focal point of the Cold War, the Center will bring scholarly debates and important new findings that affect our present-day lives closer to the interested public.

Work at the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies will concentrate on six subject areas research approaches:

  • International and inter-German relations;
  • Perceiving and handling conflict;
  • Mobilizing and curbing emotions and visions of the enemy;
  • Transformation of societies;
  • Producing and organizing knowledge;
  • The politics and culture of memory.


  • Applicants need to Hold a Ph.D. and interested researchers with MSC;
  • Have clearly defined Statement of Purpose for Ph.D. research thesis.


  • Fellowships carry a monthly award of 2,200 EUR;
  • If required, a monthly allowance of 400 EUR is added for family / children;
  • An apartment will be provided;
  • Travel costs (air/rail) to arrive in and depart from Berlin will be covered;
  • Also covered are mobility costs for public transportation and visits to archives within Germany totaling a maximum of Euros 450 monthly;
  • Research costs totaling up to Euros 100 monthly. 

How to Apply?

Applications should indicate which subject area the research project would fall under and fill out the online application. In addition you should e-mail complete applications as a PDF including the following:

  • Application letter stating motivation;
  • Curriculum vitae (including complete list of publications);
  • Abstract of the proposed research project (1 page);
  • Project description (8 pages max.) ;
  • Work/archive schedule.

More information on the official website.

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