Web Residency Call 3 Suprainfinit: l’Avenir Redux

Deadline: 21 October 2016
Open to: all creatives, visuals artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, performers, scientists, and anyone excited
micro-grant of 500 USD to support the realization of a project/ best contributions will be published on Schlosspost


Somewhere over the infinite or better said beyond the infinite, a universe has slowly taken shape: SUPRAINFINIT. At first it might feel rather similar to our world, a mere copy of it. Nevertheless upon closer inspection there are plenty of asymmetries: post-chronological, post-religious-orders-as-we-know-them, post-drugs, post-capital SUPRAINFINIT turns into a Utopian container for empowering thoughts on identity, economy, politics, spirituality.

There even is a mysterious chant luring one to enter it. Or a gospel, of a new kind, tinged with insidious hope celebrating l’Avenir. Truly refreshing, there are no maps or GPS for traveling the SUPRAINFINIT and one stumbles onto its unknown potentialities by pure curiosity. Ghosts of familiar bleak futures prophesied by media and politicians hover like prowlers in our subconsciousness. Forget about them. Or render them transparent. Hope is the new oxygen.

Weaving emancipatory thoughts between a digital and an ever shifting physical world, SUPRAINFINIT is calling out for ideas, fantasies and manifestoes for rituals, dreams, exchanges, objects, energies, knowledge and new words for other futures, ephemeral and beyond normalization, in fruitful incongruity with our reality and embedded prospects.


All creatives to contribute to the expansion of SUPRAINFINIT universe: visuals artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, performers, scientists, and anyone excited to participate with no age limit.

All formats accepted: interactive projects, videos, writing, objects, sound, gifs, images, drawings, collages, word, websites, web installations, web performances, and everything in between or beyond.


  • Akademie Schloss Solitude will award three web residents a micro-grant of 500 USD to support the realization of a project during a four-week long web residency on Schlosspost;
  • In addition to this, a shortlist of the best contributions will be published on Schlosspost;
  • Web residents will be promoted and supported by the Schlosspost team and connected with the Solitude community;
  • Participants are encouraged to communicate their project directly to the public, thus the Akademie’s Instagram account and the Schlosspost FB group will be made available for participants to use during the time of their residency.

How to apply?

Submit your project concept in the form of:

  • A headline;
  • A concept text in English (1000-1500 characters incl. spaces);
  • A header image (high resolution, landscape format, i.e. 1500x1125px);
  • A short bio in English (500 characters incl. spaces);
  • A portfolio PDF (images, text, links).

Applicants selected for the web residency may still apply for the regular fellowship program – including the category Web-based Media (application period: September 1 – November 30, 2016). Note: students will not be considered for the regular Solitude fellowship program.

For more info please also check the studio visits in three cities with the three members of Apparatus 22: Bucharest,Brussels, Turin.

For any questions please write to: schlosspost@akademie-solitude.de

For more information please visit the official website.

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