Red Bull Currency Competition: Can You Make It?

Deadline: 14 February 2016
Open to: university students aged 18 years and over, keep on adventurous travelling 
National Prize of 2.500 EUR / Overall Prize of 8.500 EUR/ ultimate European Summer adventure


It is not a race, it’s an adventure! Gather a team of three friends. Make sure that all of them are university students and get involved in the adventure of your life! This Promotion is designed as a game of skill and it is entirely free of charge. During the Main Event, Teams have just seven days to travel hundreds of kilometres from the Starting Point to the Finish Line located in one major European city. Along the way, teams create their own path by visiting Checkpoints in different cities, posting photos and videos of the journey via the event mobile app, completing as many tasks of the Adventure List as possible using as many modes of transportation as needed and gathering support from followers back home.


  • Be 18 years of age or older at the time of application;
  • You are not allowed to participate if your residence is outside the countries that are listed HERE.
  • All team members must be currently attending university;
  • Official language of this Promotion will be English;
  • All Entrants will require (and be responsible for the cost of obtaining) a valid passport and/or valid travel documents with at least 6 months validity at the end of the Promotion as well as any required visas;
  • Participants in the Main Event will be required to take out travel insurance at their own expense.
  • You represent that you do not have any condition that would prevent you from safely participating in the Promotion or would pose a present risk to others in your doing so;
  • Only one entry per person and per team is allowed;
  • Have a YouTube® account or a Vimeo® account that is open to the public.


  • The National Winners will each be awarded one National Prize (in total 495 National Prizes) consisting of a two-way transportation from each member’s place of residence to one of the five designated Starting Points. The total value of each National Prize will not exceed EUR 2.500 (before tax) per person.
  • The Overall Winners will each be awarded one Overall Prize (in total 3 Overall Prizes). The Overall Winners will be invited to be Contiki Travel Ambassadors for a summer meaning travel across Europe, experiencing the best adventures possible – from local attractions to amazing. The total value of the Overall Prize will not exceed EUR 8.500 (before tax) per person.
  • Second Place will be awarded two-way transportation to any Red Bull event of their choice in their country of residence. The total value of the second place prize will not exceed EUR 1.000 (before tax) per person.

How to apply?

The steps to participate in the competition are following:

  • Create one-minute long video showcasing why your team can make it;
  • Fill out the application form HERE;
  • Your submitted video will be subject to a public voting phase, beginning on 14 February 2016;
  • The teams that receive most votes will become finalists.

More information can be found on the official website.

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