TC “Tear down these Walls!” Germany and Romania

Deadline: 12 February 2016
Open to: youth workers, trainers, youth leaders from Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia
Venue: 4-12 March 2016 Berlin, Germany and 5-12 September 2016 Bucharest, Romania


The project contains two training seminars: one in Berlin (4- 12 March 2016) and one in Bucharest (5 – 12 September 2016) and a practice-period for new-learned non-formal educational approaches in the home-countries in-between them.

You will learn, try out, discuss and evaluate a large variety of pedagogical approaches to deal with the European east-west history and it`s current consequences. To reflect the European history and the still existing stereotypes about „the east“ and „the west“ is an important part of political education and is contributing to a peaceful Europe in future.

The participants will also get information about the (re)appraisal of the GDR history of Germany and the communist time in Romania. In order to deal with the wide range of pedagogical approaches both trainings involve activities such as doing excursions to historical memorial places, talking with contemporary witnesses, doing biographical work and trying out creative and artistic methods, like street art.


Trainees from Germany, Romania, Netherlands, Serbia, Lithuania and Italy, who work with youth and young adults. The language of communication during the trainings will be English. 

It`s important to participate in both trainings (it`s not possible to apply just for one).


The costs for travelling, accomodation, public transport, food and program will be covered by the EU Program Erasmus+. The only costs for you would be a participant fee of alltogether EUR 100(for both trainings). The food will be vegetarian/vegan.

How to apply?

In order to apply you should fill in the online application form and send it back latest by 12 February 2016.

For more information please visit the official website.

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