iversity Online Course: Modeling and Simulation Using MATLAB

Course starts / duration: 10 November 2015 / 10 weeks
Open to: Anyone interested in engineering worldwide / mathematics and physics knowledge of at least secondary education level as well as programming knowledge is a prerequisite
Enrollment: You can audit the course for free

Course Summary

Modelling and simulation make a particular part of the world easier to define, visualize and understand. Both require the identification of relevant aspects of a situation in the real world and then the use of different types of models for different objectives and the definition of the most suitable model parameters. This course provides to you a number of methods suitable for modelling technical systems and processes in a wide range of applications. These applications cover a range from image processing via machine learning to face recognition. After introducing the techniques in general, you train their application to real problems employing the widely used modelling and simulation tool MATLAB®.

Course Schedule

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to MATLAB Concepts
  • Chapter 2: Modelling and Simulation
  • Chapter 3: The Basic Problem Solving Toolbox
  • Chapter 4: Advanced Problem Solving Methods
  • Chapter 5: Statistics and Image Processing
  • Chapter 6: Machine Learning in a Nutshell
  • Chapter 7: Optical Character Recognition
  • Cahpter 8: Face Recognition

What will you learn?

  • You will be acquainted with the concepts of modelling and simulation;
  • You will be able to implement and simulate models using MATLAB®;
  • You will acquire further knowledge of Image Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Machine Learning and Face Recognition;
  • If you are an enthusiastic student with only rudimentary programming knowledge you can acquire an understanding of basic MATLAB® programming.

Prior Knowledge

The course will be taught on an academic level for undergraduate students. Therefore, mathematics and physics knowledge of at least secondary education level as well as programming knowledge is a prerequisite. MATLAB® is commercial software. As a result of support from MathWorks, students will be granted a downloadable license to MATLAB® for the duration of the course.


This course lasts 10 weeks, 4-6 hours each.

How to enroll?

You can enroll for FREE at the iversity platform HERE. You can enrol with the free Audit Track and upgrade to another track later. Until the release of the last chapter, meaning the last week of the course, you have the chance to upgrade from the Audit Track to one of the paid tracks.

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