Consultant Expert for Mapping of Report Systems on Hate Speech Wanted

Deadline: 15 November 2015
Open to: expert with good knowledge of hate speech and cyber-bullying and familiar with reporting mechanisms
Remuneration: paid


The Council of Europe is looking for consultant/s to carry out a mapping study covering potentially all the member States of the Council of Europe, plus Belarus, Canada, Mexico and Morocco (as countries where the campaign is also being implemented). For each country, the study should include the mechanisms or procedures for reporting or denouncing hate speech, cyber-bullying and hate crime, including:

  • Reporting to law enforcement agencies, regulatory or inter-professional bodies;
  • Helplines and hotlines, including advisory or counselling bodies;
  • Reporting on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, V Kontakt and other social media popular in the country concerned.

In carrying out the study, the consultant/s may call upon the network of national coordinators and activists of the campaigns for information and support. They may also use already existing information and invite for input from other experts at their own initiative and responsibility (e.g. members of the European Commission against racism and Intolerance or similar nationally-based bodies or organisations.


  • Good knowledge of hate speech and cyber-bullying;
  • Familiar with reporting mechanisms, including judicial ones;
  • Experience with online social media and the mechanisms set to moderate, react to, report or flag hate speech;
  • Familiar with the No Hate Speech Movement campaign;
  • Research and analytical skills;
  • Very good writing skills in English;
  • Preferably knowledgeable on law and regulations pertaining to freedom of expression and media;
  • Multilingualism will be particularly useful and valued.


The consultant/s will be proposed two contracts: one for the work to be carried out in 2015 and the second for the work to be delivered in 2016.

How to apply?

Expressions of interest must be communicated by using the appended form (page 3) together with a recent CV and samples of any previous similar or relevant work and send it to Joint expressions of interest (i.e. by 2 or more people) should be presented as a single proposal. Deadline for applying is 15 November 2015.

If you have any questions send email at

For more information please check the official call.

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