Call for Proposals on Migration and Related Crime Issues

Deadline: 15 October 2015
Open to: public and private entities based and registered in CEI Member States as well as international/regional organisations
Grant: contribution of up to EUR 15,000


The CEI Cooperation Fund co-finances CEI Cooperation Activities aimed at strengthening cooperation among CEI Member States. CEI Cooperation Activities are organised by institutions of CEI Member States in order to implement the strategic goals and main objectives set by the CEI Guidelines and Rules of Procedure and by the CEI Plan of Action.

CEI Cooperation Activities to be submitted within the present Call for Proposals should focus on:

  • The impact of migration flows in CEI Member States;
  • Law enforcement and counteraction measures to illicit trafficking of human beings;
  • Counteraction measures to contrast related criminal activities by illegal migrants on Member States’ territory including terrorism;
  • Activities aimed at analysing migration trends and migration policy developments in CEI Member States;
  • Activities aimed at management of migration flows and asylum policies: combating illegal trafficking in human beings, fight against economic exploitation of migrants, exchange of information on this issues between the appropriate authorities of the CEI Member States;
  • Co-operation and mutual technical assistance between border control services of the CEI countries to harmonise and improve their activities on the field and at central/regional level by competent Ministries and local agencies and authorities (training of the border control staff, exchange of programmes, transfer of technology, advisory services, enhanced transborder communication);
  • Asylum legislation;
  • Training of government officials, migration and police officers, in cooperation with experts from other Members States.


All public and private entities based and registered in CEI Member States as well as international/regional organisations can apply. Individuals cannot apply. All Applicants shall refer to their legal status within the Application Form, referring to the relevant legislation or act as appropriate. Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organisations as well as private entities shall annex an official proof of registration to the Application Form with a courtesy translation into English.

Preference will be given to applications submitted by Government authorities and agencies, by international organisations competent in the field and by NGOs with long-standing certified experience in the field.

The projects must be implemented in one of the CEI Member States in the period of January-December 2016.


Applicants can request a CEI contribution up to the maximum amount of EUR 15,000. Any application requesting more than the above-mentioned ceiling will be automatically rejected.

The CEI contribution cannot exceed 50% of the total cost of a given Cooperation Activity. Applications, which are not meeting this condition, will be automatically rejected.

The balance must be financed from the Applicants’ own resources or from other sources, including in-kind contributions, the latter anyhow remaining within a reasonable proportion (not exceeding 25%) of the total budget of the activity.


Full filed application shall be submitted by the deadline 15 October 2015, 17:00:00 CEST (GMT+2) Trieste time, carrying as subject of the email the indication Extraordinary CF Call 2015 – Country – Short title of the Cooperation Activity (to be filled-in as appropriate). Applications submitted after the established deadline will be automatically rejected.

The Application Package to be submitted by email to the CEI should consist:

  • Application Form in MS Word strictly respecting the proposed format (character size, colors, paragraph structure etc. – no inclusion of images or photos);
  • PDF version of the Application carrying the signature and stamp of the Applicant’s institution on the last page;
  • Official proof of registration.

Applications should be send exclusively by email to the CEI Secretariat to The CEI National Coordinator of the country of the applicant institution must be in copy to the submission email.

International/regional organisations shall forward applications directly to

For more information please check the official call or visit the official website.

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