Joint Master’s in Political Science – Integration and Governance for Students from CEI Member States

Deadline: 15 April 2020
Open to: students from CEI Member States
Benefits: grants available


The Joint Master’s Programme in Political Science – Integration and Governance (PoSIG) is an integrated programme based on international standards and benchmarks in teaching political science in accordance with level 7 of the European Qualification Framework and the second cycle qualification of the QF-EHEA with 120 ECTS. It offers modules in all areas of Political Science: Comparative Politics, European Integration, International Relations, Public Administration and Policy, Political Theory.

First-year courses are held at the Universities of Ljubljana and Salzburg, and provide a theory and methodology-based high-level teaching competences.

Second-year courses  at the Western Balkan partner universities enable students to become specialised in modernisation and integration of EU neighbouring countries.


Students from CEI Member States can apply.

PoSIG is addressed to all international students who have a BA Political Science and a certain level of methodology education. Related subjects can be accepted under certain conditions. Enrolling in the second year at universities of the Western Balkan offers a unique opportunity for individual academic profiling, which is attractive to the academic and non-academic labour market.


Grants are available for students from CEI Member States for the first academic year 2020/2021 at the University of Salzburg:

  • Albania (5 grants) – University of Tirana, European University of Tirana
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina  (4 grants) – University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo School for Science and Technology
  • Montenegro (2 grants) – University of Montenegro, University Donja Gorica
  • Ukraine (1 grant) – Ivan Franko National University Lviv

How to Apply?

Prospective students have to submit a CV, motivation letter, and a detailed description of their educational background through an online application system. The evaluation criteria also include an interview and knowledge of the English language.

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For further information, please contact