Earth Journalism Network Climate Communications Innovation Grant

Deadline: 15 June 2015
Open to: individuals, new ventures, media outlets, journalism networks and associations
Grant: 5 projects with each grant amount averaging for approximately USD 10,000


The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) has created the Climate Communications Innovation Fund to support the development, adaptation, and introduction of novel story telling methods focused on the human dimensions of climate change. Communities living in regions with climatic changes that undermine their livelihoods face a two-way problem: a lack of capacity to have their perspectives heard and barriers to receiving information on the drivers of change. Causes range from unintelligible information to difficulties in sharing solutions to a lack of media coverage and critical communications infrastructure that result from a history of marginalization and poverty.

Simultaneously, the ways in which information is created and consumed are undergoing a profound transformation. As the need to inform communities about the challenges posed by a changing climate grows more urgent, the emergence of new modes of information distribution – digital media, social networks and the open data movement – has ushered in an explosive growth in the types of tools and technologies that help analyze, visualize, and understand the world. This grant opportunity represents a challenge to journalists throughout the world to facilitate a responsive information ecosystem that more accurately and holistically reflects environmental challenges facing people across the planet.


The Climate Communications Innovation Fund is designed primarily to support the work of already existing media outlets, journalism networks, and associations where an additional funding is need to pursue innovative or experimental approaches.
Individuals or new ventures are eligible for this funding as well. Applicants should provide information about sustaining about the project after the initial seed funding provided under this grant.


This grant fund will support up to 5 projects with each grant amount averaging for approximately USD 10,000. It can be provided funding over the average for projects that demonstrates a critical need. They are predominantly focused on the developing world, where the need is often the greatest but the pool of available resources is limited. This grant opportunity is open for proposal from all over the world.

How to apply?

To apply you have to create account, then log in and fill out the online application form. From the grantees is expected to:

  • Give their full cooperation in monitoring and evaluating the results of the projects, and are encouraged to submit their own monitoring and evaluation plan along with their application. The final monitoring and evaluation plan will be agreed upon by EJN and each individual grantee;
  • The projects are generally expected to take place within less than a year. Projects that can show results before the start of the COP21 Climate Summit in early December 2015 will receive particular interest. Final reports for accepted projects must be filed no later than 10 February 2016;
  • Projects that can offer or raise co-financing to complement EJN’s support will be favorably viewed.

Application deadline is 15 June 2015.

For more information, please check the official web-page.

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