Participate at a Sustainability School in Nepal!

Deadline: 15 May 2015
Open to: young people interested in skills-development, exposure, adventure and network development
Venue: 3-12 July 2015, Lalitpur, Nepal


Hands-On Institute’s mission is to create a connection between learners from around the world with the local communities and natural environment of Nepal. Hands-On Institute awakens a sense of connection, appreciation and responsibility towards the natural world and local communities among learners and students. By placing participants in cautiously selected communities and natural environmental assets, their programs inspire them to act towards a thriving, just and sustainable world. Their partner communities through “community advisers” help in planning, reviewing, preparation and hosting of activities undertaken by them. The advisers also identify priority service areas to engage in.

The Sustainability School revolves around 10 days experience, which is designed to give you new skills, friends, ideas and inspiration. It is an opportunity to see, feel and know more about sustainability. The organizer gives Sustainability Fellows an opportunity to experience grassroot realities as well as learn concrete skills from experts while also discovering themselves. This is a physically, mentally and socially engaging program where participants enrich themselves, the communities they visit and each other.

Sustainability School incorporates 3 phases:

  • Phase Learn;
  • Phase Feel;
  • Phase Be.

Read more about the school’s programme HERE.


The programme has been created for young people. It may be at the point of a career change, or after graduating or during study. In professional terms, Sustainability School is for all those interested in skills-development, exposure, adventure and network development. Over the duration of the programme, the organizers expect participants to pick skills, experience, ideas and inspiration. On a personal level, the programme aims to align you with your goals, connect you deeply with nature, and offer you tools and experiences that will translate effectively into everyday life and help you become sustainability stewards. What is important is that applicants should be highly motivated in subjects of sustainable development, be involved in all activities during the course, and actively participate in an intensive learning process with link-minded peers from around the world.


There are 8 scholarships available to cover the tuition, boarding, local transportation and accommodation of the participants while they are in Nepal. The organizer does not offer funds to cover neither their travel from their home country to Nepal nor visa fees and health and travel insurance. For the candidates not applying for a scholarship, the programme fees are USD 700.

How to apply?

The application can be done online or can be downloaded, saved in the format ‘country_yourlastname.doc’ (example: Canada_ Sherpa.doc) and send back to: with the subject name Sustainability 2015.

The deadline to apply is: 15 May 2015. The applicants for scholarships should expect a confirmation until 5 June 2015.

Check the official call.

Visit the organizational web-site.

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