Training Course NGO Resources – Financial, Human, Personal

Deadline: 12 January 2015
Open to: managers and trainers of NGOs from Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Montenegro, Palestine, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine
Venue: 19th – 25th March 2015, Lake of Thun, Switzerland


“NGO Resources” the training course was created to meet concrete needs of NGOs in the youth field: Exploring strategies to establish a financial base that includes funding from the local community;  to strengthen human resources through recruiting, motivating and empowering volunteers; and to manage personal resources for NGO managers that will enable them to increase productivity simultaneously balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Objectives of the training course:

  • To provide the opportunity for organisations to meet and explore general needs of youth NGOs in Europe and its neighboring countries
  • To explore financial resources possibilities for youth work NGOs on both a local and international level
  • To explore strategies to increase the capacity of organizations through building their financial, human, and personal resources
  • To identify personal, professional and educational development opportunities that NGOs can provide for volunteers to ensure their long term cooperation and future employability
  • To discuss the similarities and differences related to NGO management in relation to the varying realities of the participating countries
  • To develop strategy plans that enable the participating organisations to reach their goal in terms of resources development in order to provide quality youth work in a regional, national and international level

The training course will take place between 19th – 25th March 2015, on the Lake of Thun, Switzerland.


Managers, project leaders, trainers and directors of youth work NGOs that are involved in the development of their organization. Eligible countries are Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Montenegro, Palestine, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.


Accommodation and food during the training course will be covered by the training course. Travel costs up to 250 EUR – minus a participation fee of 60 EUR – will be reimbursed after the training course. For EU neighboring countries, the travel costs can be negotiated bilaterally.


Application deadline is 12 January 2015. Apply online HERE.

Contact for questions:

For further information read the official call HERE.

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