Celebrate World Space Week!

Deadline: 10 October, 2014
Open to: poets who would like to honor the World Space Week 2014 by writing a limerick
Prize: be published in the book “Ode to Mars”

Ode to Mars – International Limerick Contest

This year has been special for Earth and Mars. The MAVEN and Mangalyaan spacecrafts both successfully reached Mars while rover Curiosity, after a two year-long hike across Martian desert finally reached the base of Mount Sharp.

IARC’ National Space Sciences Curriculum & Conferences (iNSSC) is celebrating World Space Week 2014 through an international limerick contest; an Ode to Mars. To know more about what a limerick is; see here – Video Click here and Article Click here.

Recognition and prize

Selected entries will be published in the book “Ode to Mars”. Alongside your published limerick will be your picture, name, location and a brief write-up about you. So, come on, let the poet in you pay an ode to Mars.

“Ode to Mars” is a special international publication. It will carry write-ups about Mars, an overview of missions to Mars, interviews with scientists from leading space agencies and much more.  The book will be e-published in November 2014.

Submit your limerick

Only one entry per participants is eligible. If you are to get any error whilst submitting, please submit again. If your entry is selected for publication in the book, you will receive an email from the organizers.

Some of the limerick submissions will be posted on the Facebook page of IARC’ National Space Sciences Curriculum & Conferences HERE.

Come along and unleash your imagination, join your fellow Earthlings in paying  an ode to the red planet by October 10, 2014

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