Drug Abuse Prevention Grants for NGOS

Deadline: 29 August 2014
Open to: non profit organizations with previous experience in the area of substance use prevention, health education
Grant: $10,000 (approx. € 7,300)


Since 1994, UNODC, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, has received a contribution from the Drug Abuse Prevention Centre (DAPC) of Japan to support drug prevention activities by non – governmental organisation in low and middle income countries.

Grants have been disbursed globally every year since with the main objective of strengthen the capacity of civil society to prevent drug abuse among youth. Grant funding under this Call for Proposals shall be provided  to projects that:

  • are focused on prevention on substance use;
  • are targeting youth;
  • support the active participation of youth in their communities;
  • are initiated, planned, managed, implemented, monitored and/or evaluated by youth;
  • connect youth to the activities of the UNODC Youth Initiative.


In order to be eligible for a grant applicants must:

  • be a non-profit organization or NGO registered under the relevant Laws of the country where it is registered– registration certificate needs to be submitted with the proposal to proof the status of the organization;
  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project;
  • demonstrate prior experience of implementing activities in the area of substance use prevention, health education, youth empowerment or other related field of work;
  • have the needed experience and capability to administer international funding;
  • have a bank account.

The organisations who have previously benefited from a DAPC grant, must submit a written statement explaining the difference between the proposed and the previous project.


The program will award grants for a maximum of  $10,000 (approx. € 7,300). Proposals should normally be for amounts of not less than $ 5,000 (approx. € 3,700).

All the applications will be considered even if their budget does not reach the higher limit.


Interested applicants should fill in the DAPC grant proposal summary and the DAPC grant proposal budget and submit them together with the copy of a registration certificate to the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section, to the following email adress:  youthinitiative@unodc.org

The deadline to apply is 29 August 2014.

For further information please visit the official website.

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