Cultural Crossroads Training in Krusevo, Macedonia

Deadline: 20 May 2014
Open to: Young people from Macedonia and Albania aged 16-30
Venue: 5-9 June 2014, Krusevo, Macedonia


The project “Cultural Crossroads” presented by the UNESCO club at Youth Alliance Krusevo, in cooperation with AEGEE, Tirana is the result of a strong partnership between the Macedonian and Albanian youth NGOs.

The overall goal of this project is to establish a common platform for encouraging cultural cooperation between the young people from Macedonia and Albania by equipping them with valuable knowledge and competences of how to use the ICT possibilities for building bilateral relations based on understanding and valuing of the cultural diversity.

The project consists of three major elements:

  1. Open call for entries on a creative contest on the topic of cultural crossroads during which the young people will be invited to write about the unique values of their own country and share them with the young people from the “other side of the border”, to present stories that genuinely depict their lifestyles, ways of thinking, values, manners, habits, and to present the most typical traditions that young people in the country share.
  2. The Training course “Cultural Crossroads” will give the floor to an experienced team of trainers on the topic of intercultural cooperation as well as effective use of ICT technologies, and 20 motivated young people that have the potential to be the future promoters of intercultural cooperation and understanding between the two communities. The training course will take place in Krusevo, Macedonia from 05 to 09 June, 2014.
  3. Development and promotion of online platform / Social media campaign on the topic of “United we stand, divided we fail” in order to ensure its sustainability after the project has finished by providing space for online youth exchanges on intercultural dialogue and in order to achieve a quality follow up of the project.


The programme is open for young people from Macedonia and Albania aged 16 – 30.


Travel, lodging, and food expenses will be covered by the organisers. Upon admittance to the programme, you will be contacted so as to arrange the details of your travel.


Application deadline is 20 May 2014. Apply online HERE.

For more information visit the official website HERE.

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