Be a Social Media Fellow at the World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka!

Deadline: 10 March 2014
Open to: bloggers and social media activists between 18-29 year old
Venue: 6-10 May 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka


The Fellows would use social media and internet based platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr etc. to do round-the-clock reporting of what is happening at World Conference on Youth (WCY). The team would use social and new media to translate the discussions taking place at WCY to youth-friendly, compelling and understandable language. They are also expected to use creative and new media such as info-graphics, memes, photo essays, video clips etc.

As a group of independent young people reporting from their own perspectives the Fellows would give a raw take on what is happening in Colombo and also help bring the voices of the many that can’t attend WCY to the discussion table. In addition to their role as ‘Negotiaton Trackers’, the fellows are also encouraged to work on human-interest or feature stories revolving around the conference. Furthermore, the Fellows would also be expected to contribute to the daily newsletter that would be issued each morning at WCY.


A team of 30 Social Media Fellows aged between 18 and 29 years would be selected for WCY- comprising of young bloggers and social media activists (20 fellows from around the world and 10 fellows from Sri Lanka). The language for the blogging competition would be English. However, applicants who could blog in multiple languages would be given special consideration.


For selected delegates, facilitators or social media fellows the travel costs to Sri Lanka and board, lodging and local travel costs during the days of the conference will be borne by the organisers.


The applicants are expected to submit blog on any of the following foundations or themes of WCY2014:


  • Achieving good governance & accountability;
  • Inclusive Youth Participation at all levels;
  • Youth Rights;
  • Globalization/ Inclusive Youth Led- Development (MOI);
  • Ending systemic inequalities;
  • Gender Equality;
  • Empowering marginalized youth including Most at Risk Young People.

Thematic Areas:

  • Realizing Equal Access to Quality Education;
  • Full Employment and Entrepreneurship;
  • Poverty Eradication and Food Security;
  • Promoting Healthy Lives and Access to Health;
  • Environmental Protection, Emergency Preparedness and Youth Centered Urbanization;
  • Realizing peace, reconciliation and ending violence;
  • Ensuring inclusive recreation, sports and cultures.

All entries maybe uploaded via personal social media platforms and shared through various networks using the hashtag #WCY2014. The link to the post should be emailed to with ‘blog’ as the subject of the email, along with a copy of it (preferably in MS Word format) attached.

In your submission, please include your full name, age, educational and work experience along with links to all social media pages that may be used during the conference. Selected entries would be uploaded on the WCY website. The Bloggers are encouraged to use creative and new media in their blogs.

Judging would be based on the quality of the content produced but also on the ability of the blogger to gain traction to their entry. The deadline for submission is: 10 March 2014.

Want to know more? Check the official web-site of the World Conference on Youth 2014.

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