Theatre/Dance Performance on ‘Otherness’ in Germany

Deadline: 30 December 2013
Open to: young German and international dancers, actors, musicians, singers, new circus – spoken word – and media artists
Venue: May 2014 in Cologne, Germany


“Verflüchtigung” is an international theatre and dance performance on the themes of “otherness” and “inclusion.” Verflüchtigung will feature a total of 20 artists from Germany and all over Europe on stage. In workshops with international coaches – and at intensive rehearsal periods (under the leadership of the Greek director Costas Lamproulis and the German choreographer Sabine Lindlar), they will focus on a critical artistic route on the topic of “otherness.”

At the end they will present a multidisciplinary performance with cross-genre art forms: music, dance, drama, acrobatics, video art and spoken word – that will reflect the diversity of the participating artists.

Fast, young, flexible. In a world that follows these principles, more and more people become outsiders. What does it mean for a society where fewer people meet the ‘standard’? How can we create an interaction, even if the differences are getting bigger? It is about questioning the barriers of thought and action in our society that are limiting participation opportunities.

Production Schedule is as follows: 

  • 24 February – 8 March 2014: First creative phase of artistic development workshops and rehearsals
  • 27 April – 22 May 2014: Second rehearsal and subsequent performance phase
  • May 2014: 5-6 performances at the SOMMERBLUT Kulturfestival in Cologne, as well as 2-3 additional guest performances in North Rhine Westphalia
  • July to October 2014: tentative performances in Germany and abroad

The entire production will take place in Cologne in the wheelchair friendly ZAK venue.


The three Cologne’s cultural organisations, the international SOMMERBLUT Kulturfestival, ZAK – Zirkus and Artistikzentrum and Sommertheater Pusteblume (promoter) are looking for young national and international Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Singers, New Circus – Spoken Word – and Media Artists (programming, animation, After Effects…) for the multidisciplinary theatre production “Verflüchtigung.”


  • Dedicated and ambitious young artists (minimum age 18)
  • Previous experience in various artistic scenes
  • Artists with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply

They will consider the following criteria when choosing participants.

  • Diversity of artistic genres within the group
  • Artists with disabilities: at least half of the artists will have a special talent in the context of disability
  • A maximum of 5 artists coming from other European countries than Germany
  • Basic knowledge of English is advantageous
  • Mandatory attendance at all rehearsal and performance phases


All artists will sign contracts and receive stipend for the production periodAll artists outside Cologne will be provided accommodation in a Cologne hostel (handicap accessible/barrier-free). Catering will be available during the production period. Travel costs will be reimbursed for international artists.

Assistance for artists with a disability available or takeover of the costs upon request.


The deadline for application submission is 30 December 2013. Please submit your CV with photo, motivation letter and video links to  

Further information will be sent by e -mail upon application. Artists interested can immediately contact via phone or email:

Lisette Reuter, Artistic Director of „Verflüchtigung“
Tel. +49 179 – 4718979 | +49 221 – 97247057
Simrockstr. 65 | 50823 Köln

The partners working on this project are: Sommertheater PusteblumeSommerblut Festival: and ZAK Zirkus– und Artistikzentrum Köln.

See the original call for applications HERE.

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