Community Driven Development Program, India

Deadline: apply as soon as possible
Open to: international development practitioners with 3 years experience, corporate sector and government department personnel, or candidates who wish to get involved in social/international development
Venue: 15-27 July 2013 at the Bala Vikasa People Development Training Center in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India


Bala Vikasa is an Indian non profit, secular, non-governmental voluntary organization established in 1990, with the motto, “helping people to help themselves.” Bala Vikasa is extensively involved in the development of the rural poor and marginalized communities by creating sustainable community development models.

Capacity Building Program in “Community Driven Development (CDD)” with field exposure: The goal of Community Driven Development(CDD) is to increase the level of understanding of the participants on community development concepts and familiarize them with various approaches and tools that can be applied in the process of empowering the community.

The program will take place from 15-27 July 2013 at the Bala Vikasa People Development Training Center in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India. The program  consists of both theoretical and practical aspects of various approaches and tools for community development. The participants will also be exposed to Bala Vikasa development approaches proven to be successful in the field.

The program costs INR 20,000, which is an equivalent of 275 Euros. SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ELIGIBLE CANDIDATES FROM DEVELOPING COUNTRIES on a first come, first served basis. The maximum intake number for the training program is only 25, so they recommend applying as soon as possible.

To encourage the participation of NGOs in capacity building programs, Bala Vikasa PDTC provides food and accommodation (non A/C rooms on 3 sharing basis) within the premises of BV PDTC, at its own cost. They also reimburse travel expenses up to 70 Euros for non-Indian participants and 1000 Rupees (14 EUR) for Indian participants.


  • Imparting Knowledge for a better understanding of sustainable development and to familiarize oneself on various approaches of community driven development
  • Developing abilities and tools to familiarize oneself on various approaches of community organizational tools.
  • Enhancing values and change of attitudes to enhance one’s understanding of and respect for local communities and their inherent capacities to work for their own development.

Bala Vikasa PDTC team are professional development practitioners with extensive field experience in community development. The facilitators use participatory methods drawing out the insights and experiences of learners, while at the same time introducing new ideas and approaches to community development.


  • Interactive methods which bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Group discussions / exercises / presentations which foster learning relationship.
  • Analysis of development projects and programs presented through video films.
  • Field exposure visits to relate the theory to ground reality.
  • Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own experience throughout the program.


  • Development practitioners with minimum of three years experience and working in mid to senior level in national and international non-government organizations.
  • Corporate sector and government department personnel that work in partnership with communities, internationally or in India.
  • Candidates who wish to get involved with Social/International development

Eligible candidates should have competence in English for effective interaction and participation.


The application form AVAILABLE HERE should be filled in and sent to along with copy of passport and organization’s nomination letter as soon as possible.

After receiving the admission confirmation by email from BV PDTC, the applicants are requested to process their visa. A passport with a valid visa for the entire duration of the course, including travel time to BV PDTC and departure from India is mandatory. Visa details prior to the participants arrival including travel itinerary should be forwarded to BV PDTC by email.

NGOs participating for the first time are required to submit their legal registration certificate and organization’s latest annual report.

For more information, please read the call for applications HERE and the official website HERE.

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