How to Begin Thinking Bigger at Fontys International Business School?

International Open Day at Student's society

Article written by Vanesa Vazharova

I am Vanesa from Bulgaria – currently a second-year undergraduate student at Fontys International Business School in The Netherlands. I remember how afraid I was couple of years ago when I faced the difficult decision of whether to study abroad. I assume that many of you are also wondering what to do with your lives. Therefore, I decided to write this article and just share my experience as a student at Fontys International Campus Venlo.

And the reason why I chose to do so via Mladiinfo is because, thanks to Mladiinfo, I found out about the International Youth Conference on Biodiversity in 2010, and had some of the most amazing times of my life in Aichi, Japan. Thank you Mladiinfo once again! You can read my article about the experience here!

I am studying International Business and Management Studies at Fontys International Business School (FIBS) which is a university of applied sciences. This means that I have the chance to apply the theory into practice. I often get to work in teams on case studies based on real life examples from the business world. My favorite case study refers to analyzing the potential of the markets of Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil, and recommending the German wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry on where to invest. And now as a second-year student at FIBS, I am part of a student company which is a real company established by Fontys’ students operating on the Dutch market. It is really interesting and beneficial to see the exact process of how to do business. No doubt that having the chance to apply my own knowledge in the real world is a great learning opportunity, and it boosts my CV a lot. A piece of advice: check the added values of the curricula at the university from your dreams very carefully.

International friends

As for the student life, I enjoy it very much. During my first year of studies was accommodated among international students. Dear readers, if you ever have the chance to live in such environment, never ever let it go! It taught me how to communicate with people from different cultures – an ability very important for the current business world which has gone absolutely international.

Speaking about the real life, do as much as possible to improve your CV while being a high school and university student! For me personally, it plays a key role when applying for an internship and exchange program – something that I have to do because such international experience is compulsory for all students at my university. What I have done so far, for example, was to take part in the local students’ club. Initially I was a member of the Activities Committee but later I was asked to become its manager. It was great because I got to know tens of students and make some very good friends. Moreover, I learnt how to organize my time better. Something else what I did was help my university organize the international open days. Due to the university’s constant support to its students, they let me contribute as much as I wanted … and it has been awesome so far – so many new people touched my life and made me a person with a broader mind. Therefore, now, after this experience, I dare to advise you to find a university which encourages your personal development and supports you in all of your initiatives. 


Last but not least, the Netherlands – A lovely country with lots of history to be explored! The people are very nice and easy to approach. And what is the best for a student who speaks only English is that the majority of the Dutch people speak English sufficiently. That made my life so much easier. Something useful also to know is that the Dutch government gives tuition fee loans for  students coming from EU and EEA.

I have never regretted my decision to study abroad and at Fontys International Business School. What I learnt is that I can always go back home but I cannot always go abroad except for excursions. What I believe in is that one cannot know how far one can fly if one never opens their wings. My father would say that most of the opportunities come across our lives only once and that we should not be afraid of them. Well, dear readers, thank you very much for reading this article. I do hope it encourages you to follow your dreams to study abroad. I am sure you can all do it if you truly want it.  Sending you most special Bulgarian greetings from The Netherlands!

For any questions regarding student life in FIBS and The Netherlands, please feel free to post your questions!

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  1. Great article Vanesa!! Happy to hear that you enjoy it so much, and that you use the opportunities that come on your path! Keep doing this, as it will bring your very far :)!

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