Computer Science Postdoc Research Job, UK

Deadline: 15 February 2013
Open to: candidates who hold a degree in the areas of Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Electronic Engineering or a related discipline
Remuneration: £27,854 – £36,298 a year, with potential progression to £38,522 a year


A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position is available within the EPSRC-funded project “The Uncertainty of Identity: Linking Spatiotemporal Information Between Virtual and Real Worlds” at the University of Birmingham’s School of Computer Science.

The post lists a starting salary of £27,854 a year, in a range up to £36,298 a year, with potential progression to £38,522 a year. The position is available for up to 26 months.

The goal of this project is to investigate models, algorithms, systems and tools for geographic and social network analysis extracted from massive data sets.

This is an exciting opportunity for conducting ground-breaking interdisciplinary research at the interface of large-scale data mining, machine learning, mobile systems, and complex networks/network science. The project will be conducted in collaboration with the other partners of the projects including researchers at University College London, City University London, Purdue University, Arizona State University and several governmental organisations. There is also funding for research visits to the United States.

The position’s main duties are to conduct internationally-leading research in the area of data mining, machine learning, large-scale data processing systems, and network science. More specifically, the responsibilities include the following:
  • To develop research objectives and proposals for own or joint research, with assistance of a mentor if required
  • To contribute to writing bids for research funding
  • To analyse and interpret data
  • To apply knowledge in a way which develops new intellectual understanding
  • To disseminate research findings for publication, research seminars etc To supervise students on research related work and provide guidance to PhD students where appropriate to the discipline
  • To contribute to developing new models, techniques and methods
  • To undertake management/administration arising from research
  • To contribute to Departmental/School research-related activities and research-related administration
  • To present research outputs, including drafting academic publications or parts thereof, for example at seminars and as posters
  • To provide guidance, as required, to support staff and any students who may be assisting with the research
  • To deal with problems that may affect the achievement of research objectives and deadlines

For further information, please consult the full job description HERE.


To apply you must hold a first degree in the areas of Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Electronic Engineering or a related discipline, and normally, a PhD relevant to the research area or equivalent qualifications.

Also, you should have demonstrated your research competence through high-quality and high-impact publications in top conferences and journals in one (or more) of the following areas: data mining, machine learning, large-scale data processing and systems, mobile systems, and/or complex networks/network science.


Deadline for applications is 15 February 2013. Applications must be submitted using the online application form AVAILABLE HERE.

Informal inquiries may be made to Dr. Mirco Musolesi at the School of Computer Science. Find the original job posting HERE.

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