‘Dreammaker’ Peace Fellowships, Germany

Deadline: 11 February 2013
Open to: young people aged 18 to 28 who are eager to make a change
Fellowship: tuition expenses for three course program; travel expenses, room and board, insurance, and related costs for 10 weeks in Hamburg, Germany


Up to 20 international Fellows will come to Hamburg for 10 weeks in July 2013 to learn how they can use innovative campaigns to give peace builders in local initiatives a voice. During the following ten-month period, they will implement their own ventures at home, supported by the D&F Academy.

A D&F Academy Fellowships covers the tuition expenses to participate in all three courses of the one-year DreamMaker Program. For the ten weeks Challenge Phase, it also covers travel expenses, room and board, insurances and other related costs.

The D&F Academy will arrange and pay for transportation from your nearest major airport to the project and back. They will also pick you up at the airport at the beginning of the project and bring you to the airport on the way back. It is your responsibility to get to the airport and back home in your home country. Please also take a look into the Fellowship Facts for further clarification.

Challenge Phase (July 2013 – September 2013)

Every D&F project is centered around the Challenge, a hands-on group task posed by the Project Friend. Scilla Elworthy asks the Fellows to create an online campaign raising awareness of the work of peace builders worldwide.

The Challenge addresses the fact that all around the world uncounted numbers of people work with great passion as peace builders in local initiatives, but their stories are rarely told to a wider audience. Scilla Elworthy’s Challenge to the Fellows is to create a vehicle for peace builders to share their stories.

In the project, the scholars will use their creativity, imagination, skills and energy to create an online campaign that aims to raise awareness for local peace builders worldwide: their difficulties, their successes and the way they collectively provide hope for millions. In the process they will research different local initiatives from around the globe, including their home countries, analyze existing initiatives on the web, and compile the stories they have found into a compelling online campaign aimed at raising awareness and support.

In the Challenge Phase you will participate in three courses: ChallengeLab, DreamLab, and MediaLab. The ChallengeLab provides the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully fulfill the Challenge. It covers not only project-specific knowledge from Scilla Elworthy and other experienced experts and practitioners, but also skills in project management and team leadership, taught in sessions run by D&F Academy staff.

The DreamLab is an innovative start-up course based on values and skills that are crucial for the Fellows as they plan and implement their DreamPlans and positively impact society. A key milestone for every Fellow is to develop and present their individual DreamPlan, which is then the basis for their venture implementation during the ten month Implementation Phase.

The third course is the MediaLab, an interactive and hands-on course in which Fellows learn to use different media, especially video and blogs. The course enables Fellows to reach out to a broader audience for their own ventures by creating own websites and filling it with good quality content.

Implementation Phase (September 2013 – June 2014)

The 10-week Challenge Phase in the D&F Academy Hamburg is followed by the 10-month Implementation Phase in the respective Fellow’s home country. The Fellows implement their DreamPlans making use of the knowledge they gained throughout the Challenge Phase and with the support of the D&F Cloud, the D&F Academy’s online learning platform. A mutual exchange and dialog is fostered on the Cloud between the current Fellows, alumni and external experts. Finally, they are coached, mentored, and advised from the D&F Team as they realize their own project!


The prestigious D&F Academy Fellowship is a unique opportunity for young people aged 18 to 28 who are eager to make a change. They encourage applications from university students or graduates as well as individuals without higher education alike. What counts for them is that applicants demonstrate a unique motivation to participate in the selected project and show the potential to use the experience for their own future venture and dreams. Fellows must have a good working knowledge of English, as the projects take place in an international group and are conducted in English.

Read more about other criteria HERE.


Application deadline is February 11, 2013 (10 am, CET). You must register at the website HERE and fill out the application online. The application consists of two steps. The first step is to fill your contact details in order to create an account, and the second step is to fill in and submit the application form. For more information about how to apply please go to application procedure.

The selection process is highly competitive and includes the review of all written applications by a selection committee, as well as Skype interviews with applicants who pass the first round in the Selection Phase. Some of the core criteria in the selection process are the motivation an applicant shows for taking part in the particular project, the passion for his or her venture idea, and the impact an applicant is expected to be able to make through the help of the project.

All this information and more is available in PDF format HERE. You may view the official website HERE.

For further questions and inquiries, please contact info@dfacademy.org  or projects@dfacademy.org or review the organizers’ contact page HERE.

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