International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Postdoctoral Program, Austria

Deadline: February 28, 2013
Open to: young  postdoctoral researchers
Remuneration: a salary that’s internationally competitive


International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis provides full funding for 2 postdoctoral researchers annually. Students are expected to conduct their own analysis among one amongInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis’s analysis programs or special comes on topics closely associated with International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis’s agenda. The appliance method for a post-doctoral scholarship at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis is printed below:
The goals of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Postdoctoral Program are:
– to encourage and promote the event of young analysisers and provide them the chance to additional their careers by gaining hands-on skilled research expertise in an exceedingly highly international scientific environment; and
– to counterpoint International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis’s intellectual surroundings and facilitate achieve analysis program goals.
As well because the special status hooked up to a postdoctoral award at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, recipients get pleasure from a considerable variety of skilled advantages in addition as a competitive remuneration package.


Candidates are required to develop and submit a research proposal that interfaces their own research interests with the research agenda of one of the various activities pursued at IIASA.
 Evaluation criteria

  • The quality of the proposed research.
  • The relevance for ongoing or planned research activities at IIASA. Proposals relevant to two or more IIASA programs are possible and encouraged.
  • Candidates’ academic merit and potential for successful research (graduate record, publication record, and letters of recommendation).
  • A demonstrated ability to think and work independently and in a team.
  • Candidates’ depth of experience with interdisciplinary research.

The degree to which a candidate would contribute to the long-term balance of postdoctoral positions in terms of programs, gender, and country of origin.
The awards, which are of up to 2 years’ duration, are the result of a competitive process and carry special recognition both within and outside the Institute.
 Financial resources

  • an allowance for relocation expenses to and from Laxenburg
  • limited support for business travel
  • a salary that is internationally competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications. It is exempt from taxation in Austria, but subject to the principle of income aggregation.

All appointees are eligible for either state or private health insurance.


Applications for 2013 will be accepted online as of October 2012 until February 28, 2013 (24:00 CET).
If you consider yourself to be an eligible candidate, please apply here, as soon as the 2013 application is open.
Should you have any other queries, please do not hestitate to contact the Post Doc Team.

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