Improbable Connections 2012

Deadline: 26 June 2012
Open to: artists and social scientists
Grant: The selected artists will be paid 12,000 euros +VAT (including travel and accommodation)


The international call is open for artists and social scientists to collaborate with the following seven organisations located in the Basque Country (Spain) as part of the 2012 edition of Improbable Connections: Artepan (artisanal bakery and pastry maker), EDE Fundazioa (social intervention), Eraikune (construction cluster in Euskadi), Grupo Uvesco (supermarkets), Oiz egin (rural development platform), Orbea (design and manufacture of bicycles) and Silam (Products and solutions based on silicone elastomer).


Artists, creators, experimental designers and architects, software designers and social scientists interested in developing projects in the fields of innovation and social responsibility are all eligible to apply.
Both the artists/creators and social researchers can come from any discipline: visual arts, performing arts, literature, music, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, etc.

The call is open to all nationalities, places of residence or ages and you can apply individually or as a group (regardless of legal status).


Improbable Connections is a community of collaborative and co-creative research initiatives aimed at innovation and social responsibility. It is based on the paradigms of open innovation and the principles of interrelated fields, disciplines and individuals.

It therefore relates the arts, philosophy, science, business and governance in search of new questions and answers that respond to the needs of all manner of organisations. The connections are supposedly improbable, but possible. The selected participants will be paid a grant of 12,000 euros + VAT (including travel and accommodation). The collaboration period will be from September 2012 to June 2013.

The aim is not to carry out an independent process of creation/research, but to become integrated into a team and achieve, by working in a collaborative manner, results that can be converted into a prototype, device, catalogue of ideas, event, visualisation, etc.


The application process is consisted of 3 stages:

STAGE 1: The participating companies or entities propose a field of research that is related to strategies, concepts, materials, technologies, methodologies, processes or organisational models.
STAGE 2: On applying for the programme, the artists/social researchers propose a maximum of two preliminary collaboration projects per entity (being able to apply for a maximum of three different entities) based on the fields previously defined in Stage 1.
STAGE 3: Each selected artist/social researcher forms an agreement with the participating entity to fully define the preliminary project presented or together formulate a new proposal.

You can find more information about applying here.

 The official website.

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