Where is Our Future of Learning? In The Technology!

How can young people with limited resources obtain proper education? What kind of benefits does m-Learning bring? How the technology can improve the lives of youth and help them make an impact? How to make education more accessible to those who face significant barriers to learning? There are so many questions waiting in this world of myriad challenges to be answered. In our most recent project mYouth we have dared to find solutions to some of them!

The future of learning is in Technology! The future is happening right now!

The mYouth project has brought together young digital entrepreneurs from Macedonia, Austria, Poland, Ghana, Senegal, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Singapore with the main aim to discover brand new worlds and potentials through the capacity-building. Each of the participating countries at the project conducted national coding camp, from which hundreds of youths directly benefited in improving their digital skills. The winners of local camps were invited to attend the mYouth training which took place in Macedonia, from 20 June – 14 July 2016. Two parts of training merged into 10 intensive days were focused on Android Mobile Applications & Business Model Development and brought young entrepreneurs from different countries together.


What have they learned? What kind of methods and tools have they acquired in order to improve their mobile applications?

“It was super helpful the help that the trainer on Android development gave to us. He was always walking around and helping us fixing the errors and finding solutions and answering questions”, points out Abdul, participant from Austria, who has been working on a mobile app for free communication.

Georgi Banev, participant from Bulgaria, working on his application “Singer” intended for all music lovers and users who love singing, adds: “Well, the business training helped me to improve my categorization skills about different aspects of doing business. For example, helped me to take in consideration all different aspects of defining the customer, as well as to better define what my initial and future aims are. The training helped me  to think about new methods of earning money and of course, I also learned many useful terms in the business. The trainer gave us one great, big and detailed book about the business which will be in use of my application now and for future also.”

Where to exchange and discuss all these innovative ideas?

The two trainings, one on Android development and the second one on Business Modelling have served the participants to boost their applications with which they will compete for the European Youth Award (EYA) or the World Youth Summit Award (WYSA). EYA will host a special winners’ event in November, 2016, in Graz, Austria.


With mYouth project we are contributing to build a stronger digital community, provide youths with opportunities to share their knowledge, harvest new skills, and how to get them be more active and aware for their needs within their local communities!


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