Movies That Matter Grant

Deadline: 15 April 2012
Open to: Human rights organizations or individuals cooperating with such
Grant: 5 000 Euro


To promote human rights film screenings worldwide, Movies that Matter has provided an additional incentive for the wider distribution of human rights films. Through its Support Programme, Movies that Matter offers modest financial assistance (up to € 5,000) to human rights film events in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. These events can take various forms, such as human rights film festivals, mobile cinema programmes, film and debate programmes, small-scale screenings for specific target groups, rotation within a network of film houses, school and university screenings, and distribution through multimedia platforms.


Applications should be submitted by a local organisation, or by a filmmaker working in close cooperation with a local organisation. Projects should be organised and executed by, or in close cooperation with, human rights organisations.The project should not take place within two months after the deadline.

Film screenings should contribute to discussion about human rights in the country/region in question. The project should take place in one of the countries as defined on the DAC List  and/ or countries where press freedom is at stake in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East or Eastern Europe. (With reference to the DAC List, Movies that Matter will give priority to projects in “Least Developed Countries”, “Other Low Income Countries” and “Lower Middle Income Countries”.)

Movies that Matter judges every project on its individual merits. Movies that Matter is open for innovative and new plans. If you’re not sure your project fits within the criteria, please contact their office.


  • The maximum support provided by Movies that Matter is € 5.000,- per project.
  • Organisations can be supported for a maximum of three times. For every project the applicant needs to submit a new application. Movies that Matter is prepared to finance projects according to the following rules:
    – 1st time: up to 100% of total project costs
    – 2nd time: up to 75% of total project costs
    – 3rd time: up to 50% of total project costs
    (In all cases the maximum support is EUR 5,000.)


The application consists of a well-wrought and complete plan and budget. A reasonable degree of professionalism of the organisation is required, both financially and organisationally. Total project costs should not exceed € 100.000,-. Movies that Matter gives priority to projects with a total budget of less than € 50.000,-.

You can find application form here, as well as the example of a budget.

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