Women Playwrights International Conference 2012, Sweden

Deadline: 1 October 2011
Open to: all interested who have written a scripts

The 9th Women Playwrights International Conference 2012 will be hosted by Riksteatern in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference will be an opportunity to meet and to create genuine, lasting contacts between women playwrights and other theatre professionals. The conference’s aim is to have a supporting impact on collaboration and to build bridges between people from different parts of the world. The programme will contain readings, seminars, discussions and workshops as well as performances. During the same week, Stockholm will also be holding its annual Culture Festival. They estimate that 400 delegates will attend the conference and we will put much effort into giving women from other lingual areas than English the opportunity of attending. They will apply for funds in order to support a number of participants from countries outside Europe by subsidising their travel, accommodation and local transport costs. The ambition is an equal spread of the support in order to make for fair representation. An invitation to enter scripts to be presented at the conference has been sent through our channels and networks.

Approximately 100 scripts will be presented at the conference. We’re looking at ways of getting some 10 or 15 plays translated into English. The goal is to relay in advance, in digital form, all the scripts and details of the playwrights to the conference delegates.


The conference is open to all interested who have written a scripts within these six themes:

  • The individual and society
  • Sexuality
  • War
  • Social equality and poverty
  • Work and career
  • God/divinity


An international reading committee consisting of directors, dramaturges and critics, who have good knowledge both of the theatre, world-wide, and of different languages will do the selecting. During the winter of 2011 they will read all the synopses. The playwrights that are chosen, will be asked to send their complete script for further evaluations. The deadline for the requested scripts is 1 January 2012. The definite choice will be made 1 March 2012.

The easiest way to enter your play is to fill in the submission form here. The deadline for application is 1 October 2011.

This is what you need to send us:

  • Your name
  • Country of residence
  • A short biography (under 200 words)
  • Title of your play
  • Synopsis of the play (under 500 words)
  • Style of the play (musical, contemporary drama etc.)
  • Background: is the play a work in progress or finished?
  • Has it been produced? Where? When? Is it possible for that production to visit the festival?
  • Number of characters – male/female
  • Duration of your play in minutes, numbers of acts/parts
  • Your contact information – email address is sufficient, but add more if you like
  • Performing Rights info (agent contact or please state if available from the playwright)
  • If you have a website, please give us that address
  • What language the play written in? Has it been translated into other languages?
  • What format it is in, Word or pdf?

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