EUropean Rails of Peace 2011, Itinerant Youth Exchange

Deadline: 20 June 2011
Open to: young students from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo

European Rails of Peace (Eu.Ro.Pe) project is an itinerant youth exchange with a particular focus on promoting intercultural dialogue and European awareness among youth aged 18-25 from different ethnic communities in Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo, as well as among these youth and their peers from EU countries.

The project i provides youth from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia with visas and sponsorship to travel throughout Europe, in order to help them to connect, through dialogue and shared experiences, with peers from communities previously engaged in conflict. A second objective is to help these youth to break through the political and economic challenges of their regions and be provided with the same opportunity to travel around Europe that many of their European peers enjoy.


1)  you need to be in possess of one of the following passports: Bosnian, Serbian, Yugoslav Passport UNMIK Travel Document, Kosovo
2)  students aged 18-25 at at any public or private High School/University in Serbia, Kosovo or Bosnia-Herzegovina
3) ability to understand and speak English which is the language of the project


Go to the official webpage and download the application form according to your country of origin.
Sen the completed application form to:

What participants will be offered

1)  One free Global Inter-Rail pass, valid for one month (half of July / half of August 2011)
2)  One train ticket to travel until the resident country’s border
3) Accommodation and meals during the programme days meeting (Skopje, Bitola, Rome)
4) One free Shengen visa valid for 1 month (in case of need)
5)  Some hostels vouchers to get free nights in some of European hostels

Additional information about any additional benefits will be provided for all participants of the project.


Marco Amici
Project coordinator:
Tel. +39 06 7259.5405


Official Website

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