Possible Futures Film Contest

Deadline: 20 June 2011
Open to: everyone who wishes to participate with their message in 4 categories: Peace and Freedom, Fair Societies, Sustainability and Beyond, and Human Fulfillment
Awards: the filmmakers of 7 films will receive over $30,000 in prizes; the 1st Prize – $10,000 plus a trip the rainforest

The Possible Futures Film Contest is a bold new film event challenging storytellers of the world to create a new vision for the future of humanity — one that will become defined by our relationships to human justice, environmental sustainability, peace and individual fulfillment.

These stories on film, from citizens of the world, have the potential to highlight and envision change that benefits people, the planet and its ecosystems. There is an effort, in open-hearted consideration of one another, to bring forth a new path for the world — one of harmony, peace and love.

Creating your story is simple, and there is no entry fee. Everyone is encouraged to participate, at any skill level. Five world-class judges will select the top two Awards as viewers select five People’s Choice Awards.


Enter up to four films – one in each category: Peace and Freedom, Fair Societies, Sustainability and Beyond, and Human Fulfillment.


All storytellers of the world are invited to submit a film. Every country. Every age.  Every skill level. Every vision. Tell your story.


The filmmakers of 7 films will receive over $30,000 in prizes, with the top film receiving $10,000 and an excursion for 2 to the Rainforest.

How to Enter the Contest

Create a short film, 60 seconds to 5 minutes, that will speak powerfully to the world about solutions and innovative thought in relation to Social Justice, Human Rights, Peace & Freedom, Personal Fulfillment and Planetary Ecosystems. Humanity and the planet need your attention, your ideas, your solutions.  Inspire, motivate, and ignite the world. Your story may change the course of history, accelerating an evolutionary leap into a new sustainable, just and peaceful age.  Read our judging criteria to learn how you can create a winning film.

Submit your film by June 21st 2011, begin voting June 28th, and find out if you’ve won on July 25th.

To submit your film, visit Submit Your Film and click “Register As A Filmmaker” at the bottom of the page.  Once you’re registered as a filmmaker, you can submit your film.

Required Intro Slide
All films must include the Possible Futures Film Contest intro slide at the very beginning of their film for 2 seconds.

To contact the organisers, click here.

The official webpage.

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