Digital Tools and Media Literacy, Grundtvig Training, Finland

Deadline: 29 April 2011
Open to: employed and unemployed teachers, head teachers, youth and adult educators from EU countries, Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland
Dates and Venue: 3 – 7 Ocotber 2011, Oulu, Finland
Fee/Costs: funding available from Comenius & Grundtvig LLP Programs

Today’s educators are required to adopt and integrate technology in their teaching, this often involves acquiring new skills to produce and facilitate the production of multimedia materials. Activities such as film-making and creating blogs support learners towards becoming critical media producers rather than being simply media consumers.

This course equips participants with the knowledge and know-how required for creating a range of digital content and developing critical media literacy. Participants produce and edit digital photographs, videos and audio files and use them to make simple films and create blogs. After the course participants will be able to initiate and support digital media activities in formal and non-formal, special needs and mainstream education, contexts. The course includes visits to local places of cultural interest.

The training follows a hands-on and collaborative approach enabling participants to gain the knowledge and know-how to produce and edit digital photographs, videos, and audio files. Participants combine individual images, video and audio files to make short films and create blogs.


The training is for all teachers and non-teaching staff involved in mainstream and special needs school education, from primary to upper secondary, and adult education. Participants should have some familiarity with using email, word-processing, and the Internet, previous film-making experience is not necessary.

Applicants must be from: EU countries, Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland.


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Funding available from Comenius & Grundtvig LLP Programs, and includes the course fee, participant travel costs, 6 nights’ accommodation, breakfasts, 4 lunches and the final evening dinner.


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+358 44 5262 221

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