Leader Training Course, Italy

Deadline: 15 March 2011
Open to: young leaders over 18 years old from EU  countries or Albania, Croatia, Macedonia
Fee/Costs: no fee, from 70% to 90% of travel costs  is reimbursed, participation is completely free
Venue: 5 April 2011 – 10 April 2011 Trabia , Italy

Year 2011 is the European year of volunteering, therefore it is a good opportunity for everyone to take action for change, involving her/himself in volunteer project and live new experiences  in different cultural background. InformaGiovani is organizing, in collaboration with Sci Hellas/De Amicitia Spain /Realization Croatia, a leaders training course for people interested in managing, leading and organizing, during summer 2011 or later, youth projects,  international camps and other projects related with volunteering.


The seminar will take place in Trabia-Palermo, Italy  from the 5th to the 10th of April. The working language will be English as there will be both Italian and foreign participants. This training course is a good opportunity to develop the necessary skills  for international projects: group and project management, how to motivate volunteers, create a group dynamic, organize activities in a multicultural setting, budget and financial aspects, etc. These are some of the skills that participants will learn during  leader training, a course which can prove useful not only for coordinating volunteer projects, but also for their future social and professional life.
As well as that, it is also going to be an entertaining course during which the participants will be able to meet interesting people and do various kinds of activities.

Main Goal

The goal of this course is to educate new leaders who will participate in our association’s summer activities, so we’re looking for people who are motivated, eager to learn, willing to get acquainted with new cultures and take part in volunteer projects.
The contents of the training will be directly related to workcamps or other volunteer projects. Participants will be asked to contribute and to build up the course in itself, with their experience and skills also choosing a topic among the ones in the list below, preparing a small presentation.

Topics to Chose

– ice-break games- Games to know each others
– Hopes, fears, expectations
– 2011 The European year of volunteering
– What is a workcamp? Why do we need work camps?
– wake-up games /energizers
– What is a camp leader? Role of a leader
– Decision making
– Role of the group and volunteer management/Motivation
– How to solve conflicts during a camp?
– culture shock
– Teambuilding
– volunteers with less opportunities (disabled, Migrants,etc…)
– How to do a workcamp
– Phases of a workcamp / Building the time-table
– study part in a Workcamp
– Management of money during the work camp
– First Aids / Health and Safety at a workcamp / Emergency procedures/Insurance
– How to make a environmental friendly work camp?
– A workcamp as a tool for Peace and Environment protection, Human Rights, Antiracism, Non Discrimination
– how to increase visibility and impact of volunteering activities
– evaluation of workcamps


To participate, you have to:

  • be over 18 years old;
  • have adequate knowledge of English
  • have previous experience in volunteering, preferably in national or international workcamps;have both the interest and the time to coordinate one or more projects of minimum ten days during summer 2011 (campleaders get travel costs reimbursed and full insurance);
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT preference will be given to candidates coming from voluntary service organizations already involved in workcamps implementation.

All participants must travel to the venue of the meeting, leaving from one of the EU 27 countries or from Albania, Croatia and Macedonia. Other countries of Youth in Action programme are NOT ELIGIBLE unfortunately.


– the participation is completely free
– board and lodging are provided by the association InformaGiovani
– a percentage from 70% to 90% of travel costs  is reimbursed after having received receipts of the travel back and forth. For travel cost calculation please consider Palermo or Trapani as your final destination; the final percentage of reimbursement will be agreed during the meeting, being it linked to the actual cost of all participants
– participants are expected to arrive to the training place before 14:00 of the first day and leave after breakfast on the last day

How to apply?

Send your filled-in application to workcamps@informa-giovani.org before 12.00 of the 15th of March.
Selected participants must prepared to contribute to the course with a 30-60 minute game or interactive activity (preferably not a Power Point presentation) by choosing one of the topics specified in the above mentioned list.
The deadline to present a candidature is the 15th of March. Selected participants will be informed on the 17th or March.

Application Form




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