Raindrops Geneva Award 2011, Photo Contest

Deadline: 30 April 2011, 12 p.m. (GMT)
Open to: anyone who wishes to apply
Award: 1st CHF 1000, 2nd CHF 600, 3rd CHF 400

This competition will be the result of close collaboration between the IRHA and Photojournale, with their “Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia project”.

Through this competition we aim to make the public, too often insufficiently informed, aware of the various advantages that rainwater harvesting offers by providing sustainable access to water. It is in this context that the IRHA and Photojournale invite photographers, professional and amateur alike, to present their vision on the benefits that this celestial resource can have for both humans and nature.

The competition entitled “The Best Photographs on the Advantages of the use of rainwater, Raindrops Geneva Award 2011” is aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of “blue gold” in the modern world.

Photographic work can include the following themes:
* Water is Life, the essential element that supports human, animal and plant life
* Rain
* Sacred or ritualized use of water or the celebration of rain in spiritual ceremonies
* Thirst, scarcity and drought
* Water distribution, including the politics of water distribution, water as a commodity. Impossibility to provide pipe water in remote regions and the role of harvested rainwater for satisfying of the needs.
* Rainwater Harvesting, the best tool for adaptation to the climate changes (storms, floods, drought)
* Rainwater collection, simple technologies at work, water purification


Anyone is free to participate in the competition, without references made to age, nationality or profession. The members of the Secretariat and of the Directorate Committee, as well as family members of the IRHA are excluded from participating in the competition.

Technical Requirements

Participants can submit a broad range of images.
Photography can be both horizontal (landscape orientation) and vertical (portrait orientation) images.
All images selected for the prize, exhibition and or publishing will need to be supplied at least as 2000px (long edge), 300 DPI full quality JPG or TIF unsharpened.


All images need to be accompanied with a text document properly captioned in the following way:
Photographer’s name: “First name, Family name”
Location: “Country and Place”
Image name: “Title”
Image description (limited to 20 words or less): “photo explanation”

The participants must submit their photograph along with the ad hoc forms.

Directly to the IRHA by submitting the photos and ad hoc forms to raindropsaward@irha-h2o.org or through the www.thethirstyplanet.com website


* 1st CHF 1000
* 2nd CHF 600
* 3rd CHF 400

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