Genius Loci Weimar 2016 Spatial Audio Competition

Deadline: 13 April 2016
Open to: all individuals, enthusiasts, students, amateurs and professionals (individuals and groups)
Award: prize money of EUR 5,000 / presented during the Genius Loci Weimar Festival from 12 to 14 August 2016 in Germany


As part of its 2016 event, the Genius Loci Weimar Festival is hosting the Spatial Audio Competition for innovative design in the form of an acoustic audio production. Every summer since 2012, Weimar becomes a meeting point for digital avant-garde artists, culture enthusiasts and scientists. The Genius Loci Weimar festival for site-specific audio-visual art and interactive facade projections now ranks among the leading international events in this area.
The key requirements for the Genius Loci Weimar competition:

  • An innovative design in the form of an acoustic audio production with special consideration of the genius loci;
  • An individual, original and sophisticated handling of the spirit of the location with respect to history and architecture, as well as to the people who were active there and who have influenced the surroundings, and to historical events that have left visible or invisible traces;
  • The conscious omission of erratic gimmickry and showmanship, intrusive clichés and careless historical retelling.


All participants, enthusiasts, students, amateurs and professionals will be given the same opportunity to compete. Nevertheless it is necessary that participants clearly highlight their ability to implement the professional skills and motivation that are required to realise such an acoustic production.


The best submission will be awarded the commission:

  • To create a 10-15 minute acoustic production that can be performed during the festival weekend;
  • A budget of EUR 5,000 will be provided for the artistic realisation of the work;
  • The production will be of the highest technical and artistic quality.

How to apply?

Contestants are invited to submit an artistic concept, including:

  • A thirty-second audio clip (stereo WAV;
  • An explanatory text (max. 300 words) describing the design and components of the spatial acoustics;
  • A cover letter from the participant or group, including self-description and appropriate references.

For further information, please check general terms and conditions or FAQ.

For more information about competition, please visit official website.

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