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Aveiro University (UA), was created in 1973, and is located in the northern central region of Portugal. Since its creation, it has been regarded as one of the most innovative and dynamic universities in Portugal. Nowadays, it has almost 15.000 students distributed across 58 graduation courses, over 40 MSc courses and 25 PhD programs. Is a leading R&D  university, having a large number of active research units developing programmes targeted at both the international business community and the significant national industry.


Administratively, the teaching and research activities are distributed by Departments and Autonomous Sections, both with specialized faculty, that may cooperate in any type of activity. UA has 17 Academic Departments which work together in an inter-disciplinary manner according to their academic and research affinities.

The Department is the unit of teaching and research that groups together teaching staff in similar scientific profiles, taking responsibility for a particular group of course units that are integrated into one or more study programs.
› Environment and Planning
› Biology
› Education Sciences
› Communication and Art
› Didactics and Education Technology
› Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering
› Electronics and Telecommunications
› Ceramics and Glass Engineering
› Mechanical Engineering
› Physics
› Earth Sciences
› Languages and Cultures
› Mathematics
› Chemistry
› Civil Engineering
› Health Sciences e)
› Social, Legal and Political Sciences

Apart from University-level higher education, the University of Aveiro also offers Polytechnic-level higher education in its four Higher Schools which are distributed throughout the Aveiro District, in order to meet the regions’ needs for graduates of professional courses.
› Higher School of Design, Management and Production Technologies of Aveiro North
› Higher School of Health of the University of Aveiro
› Águeda Higher School of Technology and Management
› Higher School of Accounting and Administration of Aveiro

International Programms and Students

A number of University networks are using the ERASMUS programme as a basis to develop enhanced forms of student exchange.

Apart from that, UA is also part of CAMPUS EUROPAE. This initiative has brought together 18 universities from around Europe to create a two-year exchange programme with strong links to regional business communities, reinforced langauge training and advances in academic recognition issues.

Another such network is the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), which, among its many activities, is developing opportunities for study combined with internships in local and regional business and industry and 1st degree twinning programmes.

The University of Aveiro welcomes applications from foreign students who are already registered at a Higher Education Institution outside Portugal and who wish to take some course units / modules from our wide range of undergraduate programmes. A typical study period lasts between 3 and 9 months.

In order to make the necessary arrangements, there must be a written agreement between the University of Aveiro and the home Institution of the applicant, which describes the terms and conditions of the “mobility period” (sometimes called the “exchange period”).

You can find out more information about this programmes at the international office webpage.


International candidates should be aware that many countries have research institutes, private enterprises, state and semi-state bodies or local authority / government departments who can offer scholarships and grants.
More information

The University of Aveiro offers a very limited number of scholarships for postgraduate study and research. International students are eligible to apply. Further information can be obtained through Research Institute of the University of Aveiro.

The University of Aveiro may offer limited financial assistance to exchange students in cases where there are previously defined funding arrangements set out in the inter-institutional protocols and agreements. Information about these arrangements should be requested at the home institution of the candidate.

Find more information about funding opportunities for foreign students here.


Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
Telefone (+351) 234 370 200
Fax (+351) 234 370 985
E-mail: gri@ua.pt

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