Fujitsu Design Award 2011

Deadline: 31 January 2010
Open to: anyone
Prize: Grand Prize: €30,000 for 1 work; 2nd Place Prize: €10,000 for 2 works (1 from each category); Judges’ Special Awards: €1,000 for 7 works

The Award

As a provider of ICT products and services, Fujitsu strives to create a new society that contributes to people’s everyday lives.

The Fujitsu Design Award is held to make the future lifestyles of people richer and even more fun, and to give concrete shape to the future as Fujitsu sees it, by more frequently using ICT that is becoming increasingly diverse, and dramatically expanding the possibilities of our services.


Applicants are requested to come up with a design proposal in which computing technology must access networks for a new lifestyle in 2020, where various scenes such as going out or staying at home are considered. Fujitsu is soliciting designs for next generation service concept that will fully enrich our daily lives, and products that are based on next generation computing devices which use those service concepts.

Service Concept

A service concept is a scene where a type of service utilizing ICT is provided to enrich peoples’ lives, and can be described in these terms:

* What type of person, and what type of service will it provide?
* What will that service be used for, where and when?
* What convenience, experience, excitement or other new value can be gained by using the service?

There is no need to interpret the service content based on a business model (income and expenditure).

The Award has two categories:

* the LIFEBOOK Category that studies what the PCs will be like in 2013 and
* the LIFE DESIGN Category that studies what next-generation computing devices will be like (including service concept) ten years from now in 2020.


* Any individual from around the world who has interest in design work is eligible. Group participation is also possible.
* The work in the application must be an original work by the applicant himself/herself that has never been released either in Japan or overseas. Until the results of this Award are announced, applicants are prohibited from entering the work in their application in any other contests, or publishing it elsewhere.

More about rules.


* Grand Prize: €30,000 for 1 work
* 2nd Place Prize: €10,000 for 2 works (1 from each category)
* Judges’ Special Awards: €1,000 for 7 works

Application Process

Applications are accepted from designboom site only. All applicants must register their personal information in advance at the designboom site (a representative must be elected for group applications).

If you are entering more than one work, please register separately for each work.

Here you can find the Application Form.

The official website.

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